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Boek ch2 by Mind Map: Boek ch2
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Boek ch2

importance of internal control

For a number of years the top management of Robert Maxwell’s Mirror group withdrew large sums of monet from two organizations and the company pension fund to save the organization.

On the so called Walrus project of the dutch Ministry of Defense , involving two sophisticated submarines, large budget overruns went unnoticed by the management of the dutch royal navy and the ministry of defense.

COSO report

control environemnt

Risk assessment

control activities

Information and communication


Corporate governance

deals with

Cornerstone of internal control

steering paradigm

management cycle (People need to be managed to move them in the desired direction.)


Value cycle

Classifications of internal control

Direct check

indirect check

formal check

material check

negative check

positive check

policy control

standards control

expectations control

authority control

progress control

efficiency control

execution control

custody control

programmed controls

integrity controls