Accross the 4 IB Programmes

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Accross the 4 IB Programmes by Mind Map: Accross the 4 IB Programmes

1. Engage

1.1. Humour

1.2. analysis

1.3. discussion

1.4. Enjoy being agents of their own learning

2. Create

2.1. headlines, posters, statements, lists

2.2. meaning together

2.3. units/planners/syllabi

3. Reflect

3.1. reflection often includes a to-do list or an action plan for next steps for their return to the classroom.

3.2. sharing reflective thinking is another opportunity for learning from diverse perspectives

3.3. They reflect on their own practice and the similarities with others

3.4. Use of exit strategies supports learning on follow up days

4. Evidence

4.1. collaboration leads to new ideas and more aha! moments

4.2. They like concrete evidence

4.3. They like to see the big pictue

5. Explore

5.1. when diving into a group task, perspectives are shared that lead to even more questions and discussions

5.2. Willing to explore a wide range of materials if the environment feels safe

6. connect

6.1. airing and sharing beliefs about learning

6.2. Initially seek the comfort of familiar faces