Execution Problem

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Execution Problem by Mind Map: Execution Problem

1. How would I handle a situation

1.1. How do I handle wanting to create copy for pre register page

1.2. How do I handle planning of new events, as in I sit down and think about what needs to be done for the company

1.3. How do we handle operations projects, like meetings, contributor management, payments

1.4. How do we handle new large projects that come up and are very important like swifty advertisement

1.5. How do we handle projects that have large deadspots. Like planning the market research we need videos to test with, those videos take a long time to create.

1.5.1. How do we make sure we are working on that project, getting the videos made, but also have important things to do while waiting for the videos.

1.6. Where do we put projects that we want to talk about in the next status meeting

1.7. How do I make sure everyone is on track

1.7.1. Should this be a project?

1.8. How do we take multiple projects with many dead spots and make sure we are always productively working on whichever one is active at a given time.

1.9. How do we handle accountability

1.9.1. How do we make sure we are accountable for our policies

1.10. Policy for how to use toggl

1.10.1. When to start and stop a toggl time Stop when doing anything else, like text message, browsing web, etc? Is this too much?

1.11. How do we handle things that come up randomly that have high priority like bug fixes

2. Time Tracking with Toggl

3. What types of projects are there?

3.1. What do we need

3.1.1. Need to capture large projects like Content intiative

3.1.2. Need to capture small projects like credit card payments

3.1.3. Need to capture projects like new ram for laptop

3.1.4. Need to capture projects like planning for new content

3.2. Proposal

3.2.1. Types of Projects Proposed Active

3.2.2. What will projects include Time frame Current progress Whats happening Tasks? Time length

3.2.3. Project states Active Currently working on the project Waiting Waiting on a task to finish Hold Project was started but was put on hold in order to make room for other new higher priority projects Proposed Project is proposed but hasn't been started Completed Project was finished Cancelled Project is no longer being worked on

3.3. Proposal

3.3.1. Types of Projects

3.4. How do we prioritize projects?

4. When do we reprioritize projects

5. Need to backup wiki

5.1. Super important to backup wiki because it contains so much important information

6. Add policy for where to add new iniatives

7. Add policy for how to allocate working hours, what to work on

7.1. Have to work X number of hours on an "Active" and "High Priority" project

7.1.1. This will be determined by the Initative dashboard and or toggl.

8. Create policy for naming convention of new initiatives

9. tasks

10. New Policies

10.1. New Projects

10.1.1. Project Defined Types of Projects Proposed Active What will projects include Time frame Current progress Whats happening Tasks? Time length Project states Active Waiting Hold Proposed Completed Cancelled Projects that are always active These will be place holder initiatives These will be replaced every month or so with a new version Types

10.1.2. Policies New projects can only be added on Mondays and Fridays New projects can be added at one of the two weekly status meetings New projects must be added to the proposed section of the initiative wiki space There is one meeting every month for new long term strategies.

10.1.3. Types of Projects Regular Project Project length < 1 month Long Term Project Project Length > 1month Should include some large change in business direction for skill capped

10.1.4. Naming Convention

10.1.5. Must add row to propose project dashboard

10.2. Toggle Team Tracking

10.2.1. Miscelaneous Project slot Used for items that You think are important but not worth bringing up at a meeting Small things that would take less time to fix than to create wiki pages and talk about If too many hours are put in this slot people will start getting upset with you

10.3. Working TIme Allocation

10.4. Bug Fix Project

10.4.1. Naming requirements

10.4.2. Template

11. New Operations

11.1. Long Term Tracking

11.1.1. Two times a month we meet to discuss is SC on track for it's long term goals Any complaints about how we have been going about business How are we moving on our long term goals Anything holding us up? Re prioritize