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Execution Problem by Mind Map: Execution Problem
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Execution Problem

How would I handle a situation

How do I handle wanting to create copy for pre register page

How do I handle planning of new events, as in I sit down and think about what needs to be done for the company

How do we handle operations projects, like meetings, contributor management, payments

How do we handle new large projects that come up and are very important like swifty advertisement

How do we handle projects that have large deadspots. Like planning the market research we need videos to test with, those videos take a long time to create.

Where do we put projects that we want to talk about in the next status meeting

How do I make sure everyone is on track

How do we take multiple projects with many dead spots and make sure we are always productively working on whichever one is active at a given time.

How do we handle accountability

Policy for how to use toggl

How do we handle things that come up randomly that have high priority like bug fixes

Time Tracking with Toggl

What types of projects are there?

What do we need



How do we prioritize projects?

When do we reprioritize projects

Need to backup wiki

Super important to backup wiki because it contains so much important information

Add policy for where to add new iniatives

Add policy for how to allocate working hours, what to work on

Have to work X number of hours on an "Active" and "High Priority" project

Create policy for naming convention of new initiatives


New Policies

New Projects

Toggle Team Tracking

Working TIme Allocation

Bug Fix Project

New Operations

Long Term Tracking