Jacob Riis

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Jacob Riis by Mind Map: Jacob Riis

1. What issues today relate to those of this era? Please put initials after answer.

2. One word that you would use to describe the late 1800's

3. Word bubble activity

4. Who was Jacob Riis

4.1. -He was an immigrant from Denmark.

4.1.1. -He was police reporter in New York.

5. What did Jacob Riis find from his times a police reporter.

5.1. That infant mortality rates were 1/10 live births.

6. What is the photography technique that he used?

6.1. Flash Bulb photography.

7. What was the book that made him famous?

7.1. How the Other Half Lives

7.2. Published in 1890

8. How the Other Half Lives...

8.1. Showed slum conditions in New York City.

8.2. Was read by Roosevelt.

8.2.1. Then led to Roosevelt cleaning up the waste in the city.

8.3. Exposed rouge landlords.

8.4. Let upper classes have insight on the poor.

8.5. The images were not being published in magazines so he had light shows, and then publishes the book.

9. How The Other Half Lives

10. Discussion