Information Technology Topics

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Information Technology Topics by Mind Map: Information Technology  Topics

1. Research Strategies

1.1. It is important because it helps students and academics to save time when ever the have to look for specific information.

1.2. Process consist in: identifying the key concept, select relevant data and bases, combine term with bolean operations, review research results.

1.3. Boolean operatiors

1.3.1. And: look for all thing typed.

1.3.2. Or: Looks for one thing, the other or both.

1.3.3. Not: Looks for only one thing and does not shows the results involving the other one.

1.4. It is useful for my career because its really importante for us as researchers to be able to look effectively for information.

2. Research Tools

2.1. An information tool is anything that becomes a mean o collecting information.

2.2. The allow the researcher to go on with the search and improves measurements.

2.3. The advantages of using this tools are that they allow our to get specialized and reliable information.

2.3.1. 10 research tools: Todolist, Endnote, EduGeekClub, Zotero, Refworks, Data Elixir, Paper pile, Deep Dive, Content mine, Plagiarism checker.

2.4. It is useful for my career because I have to look form many information and I need to be sure it is reliable.

3. Intellectual Property

3.1. Intellectual property (IP) refers to the creation of the mind which can be invention, artwork and investigation.

3.2. Types of intellectual property

3.2.1. Copyright: which gives protection only to expressions, not too methods.

3.2.2. Patents: It is an exclusive right for inventions that may give technical solution. It regularly lasts for 20 years.

3.2.3. Geographical indications: it is for a sing use in products which involves a geographical location

3.2.4. Design rights: it manly protects the way in which something looks. If registered it lasts for 25 years.

3.2.5. Trademarks: it protects sings, designs, text, colors, or sounds which identificases a brand.

3.3. It is useful because it gives you a better idea on how to manage information and not violate intellectual property. Mainly of information which Use a lot in my career.

4. Information Security and Privacy

4.1. Information security defends information in all forms from unauthorized access and total or parcial destruction, such as modification.

4.1.1. Features: confidentiality, integrity, availability

4.2. Information privacy safeguard personal information about individuals such as contact information, health, financial and family info.

4.2.1. Features are ability to: link, distinguish, and track.

4.3. It is useful to my career because in some works as political you manage sensitive information, so is important to know the basic about information privacy and security.

5. Information Dissemination

5.1. Dissemination points to the spread of information.

5.1.1. Models of dissemination are: Synchronous which is about two way communication, which allows real response. Asynchronous is a two way communication with time that delays the response, for example: mail, webside, report, notice, newsletter.

5.2. Some dissemination myths are: If it is available people will access. If the provider understand the user does. If we have the information we will use it.

5.3. It is useful to my career because if you are going to the research area is important to know how to disseminate your products such as academic paper or articles.

6. Data, Information, and Knowledge

6.1. Data is a piece of information which in not interpret, for example 5, 1, 3, 4, 2.

6.2. Information literally means "shape". It is data organized in an understandable way, for example: 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5.

6.3. Knowledge is information combined with previos beliefs.

6.4. Is useful to my career because as politic scientist is important to know who transform data into knowledge. For creating good research papes.

7. Technology Trends

7.1. it has to do with the all the time availability of computers.

7.2. In actual technology trend we can find: ubiquity computing such as an apple watch, drones, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

7.3. It has also been use in health, agriculture, new VR experiences, e-government, security and privacy issues,

7.4. It is useful for my career because at is has been previously established it is use for e-government.

8. APA Format

8.1. It is a format use for citation reference and composition of academic works.

8.2. It give two types of text citation: quotes that is for literal information and paraphrase in which you do not copy literally from the author.

8.2.1. Quote example: "Called greenhouse gases, their levels are higher now than in the last 650,000 years" (National Geographic, 2018).

8.2.2. Paraphrase example: The previous graphic indicates the temperatures anomalies in Cº that have been happening from 1880 to 2000. (Greenpeace, 2018).

8.3. It also provides a way of organizing bibliography for academic works.

8.3.1. Example of bibliography: Acevedo Tarazona, Á. (2000). Reseña de "El futuro de la democracia" de Norberto Bobbio. Reflexión Política, 2 (3). recuperado de: Reseña de "El futuro de la democracia" de Norberto Bobbio

8.4. It is extremely useful to my career since we need to know how to manage information and make reference and bibliography

9. Evaluation and Selection of Academic Documents

9.1. When ever we are looking forward to evaluate information ask your self about: Actuality, Authority, Coverage, Audience, and Objectivity.

9.2. Once you have locate information you should submit it the OPVL in which you evaluate it according to its origin, propose, value and limitations.

9.2.1. This is useful for my career because when making a public policy plan, or and investigation is importante to carefully evaluate information in which you are trusting.

9.3. Finally ones selected and evaluated the information is important to look forward to respecting author rights.

10. Personal Branding

10.1. Is a collection of perceptions in the mind of a costumer.

10.1.1. Channels: websites, blogs, microblogs, social network, events media.

10.2. The are usually related with brand image, for example google colors in its letter.

10.3. 5 questions for personal branding: What are your goals?, What do you value?, What are you passionate about?, What motivates you?, What makes you remarkable?

10.4. 5 rules for personal branding: Be diligent, consistent, relevant interesting, you're self.

10.5. It is useful because with personal branding you can sell a person or its ideas and some times that is what politics are about.

11. Evolution on the Organization of Information

11.1. Its background is the development of writing in Egyptian, Chinese, Phoenician alphabet, etc.

11.2. Books have also evolve in XXI century they are electronic and you can have e-books, such as e-papers.

11.3. It is apply in the professional field of politic research because if you know the evolution of information organization you can fin bibliography easier.

12. Online Tools

12.1. Refers to different technological tools the we can find online to different kind of things

12.1.1. For example: posters, collaborative presentations, organizing information, studying and recording classes, making concept maps, world clouds, timelines, web pages, storyboards, mock op, QR codes, etc.

12.2. Some online tools are: google drive, canva, mindmeister, logo generator, etc.

12.3. Online tool are useful for my career, specially apps such as mindmeister in which i can organize a lot on information.

13. Augmentes Reality

13.1. Azuma in 1997 said augmented reality (AR) is a combination of real and virtual environment.

13.1.1. In its characteristic we can find that: works in 3D, it is interactive, process information in real time.

13.2. AR is a technology, field of research, vision of future computing, emerging industry, and a new media for creative expression.

13.3. It is important because it adds information to the real world, increments perception of the concept, is a browser to the real world, and is a new way to interact with information.

13.4. It can applied in: advertising and e-commerce, business, education, tourism, fashion medicine, and games.

13.5. In can maybe be apply in my career for politic campings

14. Contents of a document and access points

14.1. In order to express the theme of a document you use what is called analysis and description of the content to set of operations on which the subject of a document is expressed.

14.2. There are different types of access points

14.2.1. Principals: are the most important of and is basically the name f the author for whom the work is known. It can also be an entity or a congress name.

14.2.2. Secondary: are all the other ways for accessing to the document there can be names, topic covered in the document, etc.

14.3. In can be applied in my career when ever you are searching for some specific information.