How to remember and expand vocabulary

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How to remember and expand vocabulary by Mind Map: How to remember and expand  vocabulary

1. Remembering

1.1. Making Silly Stories

1.1.1. Funny Enough to Remember Not inappropriate

1.1.2. Make stories you are able to remember Not to complex If too complex, you won't be able to remember all of the words

1.2. Play memory games

1.2.1. Try to remember 1 or 2 licence plates you pass by a day

1.3. Imagine whatever you want to remember in pictures

2. Expand vocabulary

2.1. Keep a vocabulary notebook/journal

2.1.1. Write down all words you don't know

2.1.2. Take notebook/journal and pencil/pen EVERYWHERE you go

2.1.3. It helps if you get a new notebook, not a used one Make sure it is small, it will be easier to carry around

2.1.4. If you forget notebook/journal at home, write words down on a piece of paper of anywhere Look up and write down word and definition in your notebook/journal when you get the chance

2.2. Study!

2.2.1. Have someone quiz you, or quiz yourself on your vocabulary words (from your notebook or journal) you don't know

2.3. Read ONLY classics and literature

2.3.1. Read daily

2.3.2. Classics/litterater have lots of vocabulary words Write down words you don't know in notebook/journal when you read

2.4. Make flashcards and test yourself on Quizlet (it's free)

2.4.1. Log in to Quizlet | Quizlet