Recruitment and selection

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Recruitment and selection by Mind Map: Recruitment and selection

1. Employment planning and forecasting

1.1. Forecast of labor demand

1.1.1. Trend analysis study of past employment needs over a period to predict future needs

1.2. Forecast of labor supply

1.2.1. Transitional matrix List job categories held in one period and shows proportion of employees in each of those categories in a future careers

2. Recruitment

2.1. Recruitment traits and behaviour

2.2. Personal policies

2.2.1. Job choice

2.3. Recruitment sources

3. Selection

3.1. 1-Screening applications and résumé 2-Testing and reviewing work sample 3-Interviewing candidates 4-Checking references and background 5-Making selection

4. Employment test

4.1. Aptitude test

4.2. Achievement test

4.3. Personality test

4.4. Self report inventory

4.4.1. Must be reliable and valid

5. Interviews

5.1. Multiple hurdle model

5.2. Compensatory model