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Human rights by Mind Map: Human rights

1. human rights department in the UN

1.1. You have to follow them

1.2. 10th december 1948

1.3. It's not a "law" but a declaration

2. The physical demands

2.1. Food, sleep, sex

2.2. A roof over your head

3. The right to vote

3.1. Women gets to vote

4. Freedom

4.1. Freedom of speech

4.2. Slavery

5. Right to education

6. the rights to own a property

6.1. Apparently also the right to own guns/ the second amendment

7. Right to be who you want to be

7.1. Genders

7.2. jobs

7.3. Lifestyles

8. Right to healthcare

8.1. Not in the US

8.2. free healthcare in Denmark