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2. Eco-friendly brands COCO LENI starts opening stores in India


4. COCO LENI vs Lenskart

5. Great Success for Natural Eyewear Brand in Goa

5.1. COCO LENI Plans to open 4 more stores in Maharashatra

6. Buying Eyeglasses Online

6.1. 5 Things to Consider while buying eyeglasses online in India

6.1.1. Frames Frame Material Rich Cellulose Acetate Wood Horn Hinges Replaceable Warranty Face Shape Size

6.1.2. Quality of Lenses Coating Hydrophobic Anti-Glare Blue Light Material CR39 Hi-Index Warranty Zeiss Essilor Kodak

6.1.3. Return Policy

6.1.4. Prescription Pupillary Distance How to check online Online PD Meter - COCO LENI How to enter properly

6.1.5. Environment Replace Lenses Get the lenses replaced, rather than discard your old frame Buy Eyewear made of Natural and Sustainable material.

7. Our Mission

7.1. Environmentally Friendly and Awesome Eyewear

7.1.1. Here at COCO LENI, our goal is to bring Luxury eyewear in wood, bamboo, cellulose acetate, genuine horn and other environmentally friendly and sustainable materials using German Design and Technology. As we continue to concentrate on providing top-tier products, an enhanced customer experience and supporting the causes that we love, we know our customers will reap the benefits of all this work.

7.2. Eliminating Single Use Plastic

7.2.1. With an approach to protect the environment, they use part of their profits to do beach cleanups, awareness campaigns and lobbying local governments to stop using plastics. "Our mission as a company is to eliminate single-use plastics, which are destroying the marine ecosystem and our environment" explains Matthias Haase co-founder of COCO LENI

7.2.2. The company's three main pillars are heritage, sustainability and giving back. The brand sources recycled and sustainable materials to create its collection of eyewear, which includes sunglasses and specs. A portion of every shopper's purchase goes to a worthy causes. The real highlight is how stylish and fashion-forward the designs are.

7.2.3. "To start the process within our own company, we officially don't use any plastics to make our eyewear, or while building our retail stores worldwide. While this may increase the amount we spend on materials, doing what we can to help our environment is well worth the cost." - Arjun

7.2.4. resources | Cleanseas

7.3. Clean Up Campaign - COCO LENI Focus Club

7.3.1. They work to organize and participate in a number of beach clean-up drives, all around India, with the launch of their COCO LENI ​CleanUp Club. They motivate others to reduce, reuse, recycle or upcycle products made of plastics.

8. Press Release

8.1. COCO LENI Pune Store Opening

9. Regional Content

9.1. Pune

9.1.1. Top 5 Stores to Visit in Pune

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9.1.3. Best Boutiques in Kalyani Nagar

9.2. Goa

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10. Competitor

10.1. Titan Eye Plus vs COCO LENI

10.1.1. Best Eyewear Store in Goa

10.2. LensKart vs Cool Winks vs COCO LENI vs Titan Eye Plus vs Specsmaker vs GKB Opticals vs Vision Express

10.2.1. Focus on USP