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1.1. The Team & Our Roles

1.1.1. Regional Managers = Bottom Line "Sustainable +"

1.1.2. Business Development = Backlog "Kickers"

1.1.3. SVP = Succession Planning Logistics/Planning/Investments

1.2. Here/There/How

1.3. KPI's

1.4. Short Term Incentive Plans

2. "OTHER"

2.1. Low Fruit

2.1.1. Salt Lake Housing

2.1.2. Hawaii Relo Plan +

2.1.3. Portland Marketplace

2.1.4. Chicago Housing Project

2.1.5. Norfolk Housing Project

2.2. Possible Flags

2.2.1. If Opportunity Presents and Only If We Can Support

2.2.2. Portland Virtual Office (now)

2.3. Staffing Plan

2.3.1. "Us" to start it off

2.3.2. Develop Mobile Management Team

2.3.3. Develop Mobile Workforce

2.3.4. Recruit/train from Local Geography


3.1. Sustainable +

3.1.1. Strategies OPC $4M ROWAPS FM 1960 (Houston) SH 146 (Houston) SH 676 (Valley) SH 71 (Austin) HACA Not awarded, but not dead Other Housing Opp's Other LPA Opp's Collin County Allen Edinburg 6-8 New Opp's/year Others' ROWAPS San Antonio Dallas Fort Worth Austin Recruit to "Remote" Workforce Groom PM's from Within Grow/Maintain Local Relationships/Partnerships

3.2. Kickers

3.2.1. Sabine Pass (Galvaston Bay)

3.2.2. SE Connector I-20/I-820 (Ft. Worth)

3.2.3. North Houston Highway Improvement Project (3 segments) I-45 (Houston)

3.3. New Flags

3.3.1. Houston Karen now remote Jeff at end of CC Jovan at end of CC

3.3.2. Austin Hilda at end of CC Marett now remote

3.3.3. The Valley New Hire to be Recruited Strategic "Consulting" Relationship with Retired L&G Key Leader (former City Mgr) To Support Current TxDOT Work

3.3.4. San Antonio Watching Activity for Now


4.1. Sustainable +

4.1.1. Strategies NDOT Work Authorizations City of Las Vegas I-10 Recurring LPA's Recurring Grow/Maintain Local Relationships/Partnerships

4.2. Kickers

4.2.1. I-15

4.2.2. Reno Spaghetti Bowl

4.2.3. US 50/South Shore (Tahoe Transportation)

4.3. New Flags

4.3.1. Reno/Tahoe


5.1. Build from Zero

5.1.1. Proposition 109 and 110 Got us excited for the CO Future $767M/yr. $7B for highway $8B for City/County did not pass this year plan to repackage in another form next time ($1.95B bonding, $380M transfer now.

5.1.2. LPA Responses Aurora Fort Collins Larimer County 8-10 /year

5.1.3. CDOT CDOT ADA Ramps CDOT On-Call (end of 2019) Project Specific Contracts (i.e. Leadville) Visits to each Region

5.1.4. Be Present/Involved IRWA mtgs/participation Mtgs w/ Appraisers/Surveyors/Title Teaming Mtgs w/ Other Providers CA-esq Engineer relationships

5.1.5. LPA Pursuits Visits to Active Oversight Clients City/County Denver Adams,Commerce, Jefferson, Douglas County Lakewood, Aurora, Castle Rock

5.2. Kickers

5.2.1. Bond Project List

5.2.2. I-25 Northern

5.2.3. I-25 Southern

5.2.4. I-70 Kipling Interchange

5.3. New Flag

5.3.1. Denver Virtual Office (established)