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College by Mind Map: College

1. Classes

1.1. You have 12 to 16 hours for each semester so that means four to six classes.

1.1.1. Each class expects you to spend time on their class work . You are expected to show up to class as well. Classes can be once a week to three times a week depending on the semester and what you are taking.

2. Dorming

2.1. Depending on what school you attend you might have to live with one to three other people

2.1.1. You learn to take care of yourself Make friends with those living around you. (Depends on what type of dorms you live in)

3. Sports

3.1. There are collegiate athletics, club teams, and recreation sports

3.1.1. Out of these three the first two are competitive. Not every school will have all three options but they will have one or two of the options

3.2. There are many different sports but not every school has all of them

3.2.1. If you wanted to play a sport in college at the collegiate level you would have to find out if that school has your sport in the first place.

4. Four Year or 2 years JUCO

4.1. Four years colleges are great but they have more requirments

4.1.1. You have to have a curtain GPA and you have to have a certain SAT or ACT to get into the school You are their for four years and can get your degree with out losing credits More people want to be there for their education so they tend not to slack off or cause any trouble for those students around them in class

4.2. Juco has its ups and downs

4.2.1. They are a great way to save money if you are not sure what you want to do or even if you just need to save money They can have more students who just slack off and don't really know what they are doing in college. You normally have to transfer to a four year later on if you want a BA in a certain area. With transferring it can be a little tricky sometimes because some things might not transfer over so therefore you might lose some credits.

5. People

5.1. Well students want to have fun but also want to get grades so that they can finish in the correct amount of time.

5.1.1. At this point in time most people get along with almost any type of group they are put into . This does not mean you are going to like everyone.

6. Majors

6.1. This is where most people struggle and that is fine.

6.1.1. Majors are education classes that fit what you want to do in the future. You can change them after being in something else it just all depends on what you want to do. You will be able to take classes that interest you