Differentiated Instruction in Elementary Music

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Differentiated Instruction in Elementary Music by Mind Map: Differentiated Instruction in Elementary Music

1. Learning Styles

1.1. `Aural

1.1.1. Listening

1.1.2. Echoing

1.2. Kinestetic

1.2.1. Movement

1.2.2. Body Percussion

1.2.3. Manipulatives

1.3. Visual

1.3.1. Melody Maps

1.3.2. Notation

1.3.3. Solfege

2. Academic Levels

2.1. Beginning

2.1.1. Repetiion

2.1.2. Adjustment of steps

2.1.3. Chunking

2.1.4. Using IEP Accomodations/Modifications

2.2. GEtting There

2.2.1. Pratice

2.2.2. Partnering

2.2.3. Feedback

2.3. Proficient

2.3.1. Opportunities to extend Duet parts Notation Opportunties Using new notes/Chords/ rhythms

2.3.2. Opportunties to create Creating Accompaniments Creating Ostinatos

3. Engagement

3.1. Being flexible in teaching style to ensure students are engaging fully in music tasts,

3.2. Awareness that different groups might require different strategies

4. Use at all Assessment stages

4.1. Diagnostic

4.1.1. Get to know your learner

4.2. Formative (Assessment as Learning

4.2.1. Adapt to the needs of the group and individuals as the learning progresses

4.3. Summative (Assessment of Learning)

4.3.1. Provide varied and fair assessments that meet the needs of your students