Project deliverables

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Project deliverables by Mind Map: Project deliverables

1. FRA and prioritization of measures

1.1. FRA (Risk mapping, risk curve and EAD)

1.1.1. Hazard analysis hazard models Hydrological model Hydrodynamic model Flood hazard mapping Current Future

1.1.2. Vulnerability analysis Damage functions Social, economic and institutional vulnerability

2. Exposure Analysis

2.1. Land Cover Analysis

2.1.1. Land Cover layer for 2018 and 2016

2.1.2. Analysis of land cover changes

2.2. Exposure analysis

2.2.1. Assets database Review of existing assets databases Update building footprints - artificial intelligence algorithms ARCGIS Infrastructure attributes - viewscan360 analysis Future assets scenario - from existing plans

3. DTM

3.1. Existing topographic information

3.1.1. LiDAR - Tocumen Airport

3.1.2. Contours 1m and 5m

3.1.3. IHCantabria DTM

3.2. Cross section survey

3.2.1. Survey Tocumen River (11.8 km) Cross sections Structures Survey

3.2.2. Survey Tapia River (4.8 km) Cross Sections Structures Survey

3.2.3. Surve Tagarete River (1 km) Cross Sections Structures Survey

4. Flood risk Drivers Study

4.1. Flood Risk Drivers Analysis

4.1.1. Collection and review of data

4.2. Normativity analysis

4.2.1. Collection and review of data

5. Incorporating Nature Based Measures to the Urban Resilience

5.1. Influence of natural infrastructure in reducing flood and erosion risk

5.2. Identification of “hotspots” of nature-based infrastructure for urban flood risk reduction

5.3. Recommendations for territorial and urban resilient development