Unit Project: Getting To Know Students Through Genre

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Unit Project: Getting To Know Students Through Genre by Mind Map: Unit Project: Getting To Know Students Through Genre

1. Monday: Getting To Know You!

1.1. Music will be playing as students walk in to set a fun tone to the beginning of class.

1.1.1. Next, I will introduce myself so the students can get to know me.

1.1.2. I will let them know that the song I was playing at the beginning of class my favorite song and why I like it. Next, I will ask them to write down their favorite song on a piece of paper and why it is their favorite. They will turn these in to me when they are done. These songs will eventually go on the class "Genre Board" and on our class Spotify playlist that everyone will get access to. We will do an activity with the "Genre Board" and the songs they picked on Tuesday.

1.2. Next, we will play Human Bingo to let the students get to know each other's names a little more and start building relationships with each other.

1.3. Then, for the last 15 minutes of class, we will play the banana game as a fun way to end class.

2. Tuesday: Introduction to Genre

2.1. Today, we will start with talking about genre as our main focus for the week.

2.2. I will be playing the class Spotify playlist of songs we collected yesterday and we will listen to short clips of each one.

2.2.1. Students can come up to the board and place their song where they think it belongs and then we can talk about why it belongs there

2.2.2. Ex: What characteristics of this song make it fall into that certain genre? We will do this to start to build the foundation of what makes something a specific genre and to get students to start thinking about that.

2.3. Next, we will start to talk about some more popular genres on the board in depth.

2.3.1. We will start with pop, rock, and indie/alternative, and EDM

2.3.2. We will listen to different examples from each genre. Students will write down things they hear and what they notice about the songs as we are listening to them. I will want them to think about what is similar about these examples and what makes them different from each other. Some examples could include Ariana Grande for pop, Queen for rock, The 1975 for Indie/Alternative, and Galantis for EDM.

3. Wednesday: An In-Depth Look at Genre

3.1. The plan for Wednesday is very similar to the plan for Tuesday, except we will be focusing on new genres.

3.2. Today we will be looking as Jazz, Country, Folk, R&B, and Hip Hop.

3.2.1. The same thing will happen as Tuesday where we will listen to examples from each genre and students will write down what they are hearing and noticing. Students will again be put into groups and each will be assigned a genre to focus on. We then will come back together as a class a make a list like we did yesterday and maybe listen to some examples again to solidify the ideas and differences between the genres.

3.2.2. Some examples could include Billie Holiday for Jazz, Florida Georgia Line for Country, The Lumineers for Folk, Daniel Caesar for R&B, and Drake for Hip Hop.

3.3. For the last few minutes of class I will introduce what they are doing in class Thursday, which is the "Genre and Me"project.

3.3.1. I will ask students to being in 3-5 songs for class tomorrow that are some of their favorite songs or songs they feel represent them. Students will then briefly reflect on why they picked the songs they did and what genre they think these songs fall into/why they think so. The goal of this project is primarily to get to know the students more and what music they enjoy, but to also get them to make connections between what music they like and what genres they listen to most.

4. Thursday: Working on Genre & Me Project

4.1. Today students will use the class period to work on the Genre and Me project assigned yesterday.

4.2. The goal is to be nearly finished with the project by the end of the class period with maybe some time to add finishing touches to it Friday at the beginning of class.

4.3. I will be floating around to help students and answer questions as necessary.

5. Friday: Finishing up and sharing projects

5.1. Today we will be sharing our Genre and Me projects!

5.1.1. I will ask the students to get with a partner and share the songs they picked with them. This way students will get to know a new person in the class and maybe they will find that they like the same music as that other student or they will be introduced to something new that they haven't heard before! Once this is finished, I will take volunteers from the class to see if anyone would like to share their project, but it will not be required. After this, for the last five minutes of class we will just play music from our class playlist and relax before the week is over!

5.2. The first 10 minutes of class can be used to add finishing touches to the project, but it does not have to be perfect.