Monitoring and Tracking Systems

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Monitoring and Tracking Systems by Mind Map: Monitoring and Tracking Systems

1. IT Systems

1.1. Computers

1.2. National Identification Cards

1.3. Mobile phones

2. Effects

2.1. Unemployment rate may increase in the country

2.2. Overdependence on these systems when they crash companies and workers may have a hard time

2.3. Can cause working for longer hours

2.4. It makes life easy for people

3. Automatic Number Plate Recognition

3.1. Helps to retrieve stolen cars

3.2. Helps to identify wanted drivers

3.3. Helps to catch people passing the speed limit

3.4. Helps to catch people who have not paid car tax on their vehicles

4. Practical examples

4.1. When one is lost in a foreign place, one can use the GPS to help one find his or her destination.

4.2. In Albert Dock, the Automatic Number Plate Recognition is used to allow vehicles in and out of the park and to calculate how long they have been parked so as their parking costs could be calculated

4.3. In a company, where the boss wants to make sure his workers are productive, he can keep track of calls made by his workers .

5. How member of the public are monitored

5.1. Closed Circuit Television

5.2. Global Positioning Systems

5.3. National Identity Cards

5.4. Radio Frequency Identification

6. Key logging

6.1. Used by employers to monitor staff's use of corporate-owned devices

6.2. Used by hackers to gain worker's passwords or sensitive information

7. Area of use

7.1. Schools

7.2. Companies

7.3. Streeets

7.4. Homes

8. How cookies can be used to monitor people's activities

8.1. Track a user and the user's browsing habits for some time

8.2. They compile user's interests.

8.3. This informaton could be sent to an advertising company

8.4. They then target the user with adverts that interest the user