Birth: 06/12/1997 Elazığ, Türkiye

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Birth: 06/12/1997 Elazığ, Türkiye by Mind Map: Birth: 06/12/1997 Elazığ, Türkiye

1. Registering an Arabic language course (February, 2019)

1.1. Traveling to Middle East Countries (August,2019)

1.1.1. Doing internship in UAE (July,2019- September,2019) To be upper-indermediate level in Arabic (2022) Graduating from Abdullah Gul University (June,2022)

2. Enrolling a swimming course (October, 2019)

2.1. Continuing this couse for minumum two years (October 2021)

2.1.1. Participating in swimming competitions throughout the city and country (2022) I will be one of Turkey's best 3 swimmers. (2023) Deserving to represent Turkey in international platforms. (2024)

3. Erasmus Exchange Program at Imperial College London in October 2019

3.1. Doing master's degree in Cambridge University (2022-2024)

3.1.1. Doing PHD's degree in Cambridge University (2025-2029) Working in Thornton Tomasetti (an international company based on US) (2030-2035) Working in best construction company called "VINCI" in the world as one of the best civil engineers in the world (2035->...)

4. N.A Primary School 2006-2013 Kayseri-Turkey

4.1. Holidays in Istanbul in 2015

4.1.1. Attending a dam trip in Adıyaman 08/05/2017-11/05/2017 Graduating from Hidayet Aydoğan High School June,2017 Kayseri-Turkey PRESENT: Started civil engineering at Abdullah Gul University 11/09/2017--> Kayseri-Turkey