School Management Systems

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School Management Systems by Mind Map: School Management Systems

1. Usage

1.1. Communication between teachers and parents

1.2. Used to store data regarding student records

1.3. Students can be graded on school work anywhere as this work can be sent over the system

1.4. Parents have access to progress of their wards studying in school

2. Effects

2.1. In the Home

2.1.1. Tension may rise in the home as parents can constantly keep track of their wards progress unlike when they would just receive a report at the end of each school term.

2.2. In the Work Environment

2.2.1. It is possible for teachers to become more lazy as they rely on the School Management System and do their job inefficiently.

2.2.2. However, in certain circumstances, productivity could increase as teachers have more free time to increase the accuracy of their work.

2.3. Employment

2.3.1. Less people have jobs as clerical jobs are being eliminated due to the introduction of the School Management System.

3. Everyday Examples

3.1. Schools can create and send out a classroom newsletter to keep parents updated by email. They can collect all parent email addresses in the beginning of the school year or give parents the opportunity to sign in for the newsletter on a school website.

3.2. A school website can be developed where all information of the school such as contact information, expectations, school rules, about the school and the teachers, how to use the internet at home, etc. can be shown. The website can also have a calendar with useful information about school trips and other important dates.

3.3. It is possible to use social networks such as Facebook or Twitter to communicate with parents.

4. IT Systems

4.1. FeKara (a school admin software)

4.1.1. Provides modern school administrative and management roles. Also can be used to conduct exams.

4.2. SchoolTool (a cloud based open source school admin software)

4.2.1. Provides educators grade books, skill assessment documents, class attendance sheets etc.

4.3. Fedena (an open sources school administration software)