Cultural Poster Board of Country Selected

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Cultural Poster Board of Country Selected by Mind Map: Cultural Poster Board of Country Selected

1. Include

1.1. photos

1.2. drawings

1.3. boarder

1.4. title

1.5. minimum 6 items

1.6. name, date, teacher's name

2. Religion

2.1. What religions are practiced in the country

2.2. Is religion forced or is there freedom to practice any religion

3. Capital City

3.1. Name the City

3.2. Provide a Map of its Location

4. Language

4.1. What Language is native

4.2. How many languages are spoken

4.3. Provide an example of their writing methods

5. National Flag

5.1. provide a picture or drawing

5.2. discuss its origins

6. Local Industry

6.1. What does this country's industrial profile look like

6.2. what is the number one export/import

6.3. Discuss what most people do for work in the country

7. Holidays & Celebrations

7.1. What do they celebrate and when

7.2. are these specific to the region, or the religion

8. Terrain/Flora & Fauna

8.1. Is this country set in a desert, mountain range, rain forest, tundra.

8.2. What typically grows naturally in this country (if anything)

8.3. Discuss a native plant that can be found all over the country

9. Dress/Wardrobe

9.1. what garments are worn

9.2. find photos of tradition or native dress

10. Historic Buildings

10.1. provide photos of historical buildings, temples, structures, etc.

11. Famous Figures

11.1. Name a famous leader, political figure, singer, movie star, chef, etc.

12. Wars in the Country

12.1. discuss any significant wars/battles fought on this country's soil

13. Cuisine

13.1. What is a native dish of this country

13.2. What are popular ingredients in this country to cook with

13.3. have you ever eaten this food