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The pot by Mind Map: The pot

1. Functionality

1.1. Functional serviceability

1.1.1. The pot holds the declared volume of liquid - 5.7 liters

1.1.2. The lid of the pot closes easily and tightly

1.1.3. The presence of handles on the lid and pot for easy replace

1.1.4. Presence and serviceability of a special rim for draining the liquid

1.1.5. The pot allows you to heat the liquid

1.2. Standards compliance

1.2.1. The pot fully complies with the standards that apply to cookware (type of steel, chemical safety)

1.2.2. The pot has optimal dimensions, suitable for most heating surfaces

1.3. Interoperability

1.3.1. The lid fits pot size

1.3.2. Silicone pads fits tightly on the handle

1.3.3. The holes in the pot coincide with the holes of the handles for the riveted connection

1.4. Securability

1.4.1. Silicone pads on the handles protect against burns

1.4.2. The pot is made of food steel (doesn't emit and doesn't contain harmful substances)

1.4.3. The lid of the pot is made of heat-resistant glass

1.5. Precision

1.5.1. The pot size 24 cm

1.5.2. The pot holds 5.7 liters

1.5.3. Wall thickness is 0.6 mm

2. Reliability

2.1. Сompleteness

2.1.1. The product is completely ready for use

2.1.2. The product does not require any preparation for first use

2.1.3. The product is sold in a package

2.2. Recoverability

2.2.1. When heating is finished the pot eventually comes to the original temperature

2.2.2. The pot can easily be returned to its original appearance if it is dirty

3. Usability

3.1. Ease of learning

3.1.1. Presence of product information on packaging

3.1.2. Instructions presence

3.2. Clarity

3.2.1. The use of the pot is intuitive

3.2.2. There is a corresponding image on the product packaging

3.3. Convenience and ease of use

3.3.1. The pot has a large diameter for a convenient water drawing

3.3.2. The pot has a flat bottom for its stability

3.3.3. Presence of handles for moving the pot

3.3.4. The pot is easy to wash

4. Efficiency

4.1. Time efficiency

4.1.1. Efficient for a long time (minimum warranty period)

4.1.2. Liquid is heated equally throughout service life

4.1.3. Made of stainless steel (does not rust)

4.2. Resource efficiency

4.2.1. The thickness of the pan's walls allows you to quickly heat the liquid, respectively, spending less energy

5. Maintainability

5.1. Stability

5.1.1. Stable functioning over the service life

5.2. Analyzability

5.2.1. The presence of marking liters

5.2.2. The glass lip makes it possible to see whether the water has boiled

5.3. Testability

5.3.1. The functioning can be monitored visually

5.4. Variability

5.4.1. Only elements of the pot are changeable (without adding new features)

6. Portability

6.1. Installability

6.1.1. It requires no special skills to prepare pot for work

6.1.2. Preparation for begining to work is not required

6.2. Replaceability

6.2.1. The possibility of replacing the constituent elements of the pot (lid, silicone pads)

6.3. Сompatibility

6.3.1. The pot is universal for any heat sources

6.3.2. Compatible with all types of cookers (electric stove surface, gas stove grates)