Finance and Banking

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Finance and Banking by Mind Map: Finance and Banking

1. Marketing Mix

1.1. The most important

1.1.1. Consumer The best combination Product Place Promotion Price

1.2. Distribution

1.2.1. Manufacturer Wholesaler Retailer

2. Secruring and utilizing

2.1. Finance

2.1.1. Business to star you need Capital Providing financial information Balance sheet

2.1.2. Personal the remaining funds they would have to support Short-term Long-term

3. Banking

3.1. if your need to travel

3.1.1. Traveller's cheques

3.2. Money in notes&coins

3.2.1. Cash

3.3. Money placed in banks

3.3.1. Deposits

4. Salary

4.1. Work Force

4.1.1. Author Grant

4.1.2. Senior Manager Salary

4.1.3. Laid Off employee Redundancy pay

4.1.4. Government Tax

4.1.5. Retired Employee Pension

4.1.6. Student Grant

4.1.7. Shareholder Dividend

4.1.8. Consultant Fees

4.2. Money paid for month's

4.2.1. Helps to save