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Sit:Stitch:Relax by Mind Map: Sit:Stitch:Relax

1. Welcome and Introduction

1.1. Thank you for being here

1.2. Why I'm the best person to take you through this. Backstory

1.3. Overview of the benefits you are going to get from this course

2. Benefits of using craft to relax

2.1. bi-lateral action focuses the mind

2.2. Induces the relaxation response

2.3. Lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the blood

2.4. Can be as beneficial as yoga

2.5. State of flow

2.6. on or offline social benefits

2.7. ideal for those that might be house bound by circumstances

2.8. for introverts

2.9. Builds confidence

2.10. improves patience and resilience

2.11. build and develop new skills

3. Starting to stitch

3.1. being comfortable

3.2. resources

3.3. the projects in this course

3.4. Let's get started

4. Simple sewing

4.1. introduce the project

4.2. How to thread a needle

4.3. choosing materials

4.4. easy stitches for starters

4.5. make the project (demo)

4.6. reminder to visit the FB group

5. Cast on and knit

5.1. Choosing your resources

5.2. show how to cast on

5.3. show how to do basic stitch

5.4. Show how to finish off

5.5. reminder to visit the FB group

6. Hooked on crochet

6.1. Choosing your resources

6.2. demo easy project

6.3. Show how to do a basic chain

6.4. Sow how to work stitches

6.5. reminder to visit the FB group

7. Reflection

7.1. Gratitude

7.2. Daily tracker

7.3. Commit & share

8. Bonuses

8.1. Closed Facebook group for newbies and beginners

8.2. '10 reasons why you should sit and stitch' A4 printable graphic

8.3. Printable tracker

8.4. list of resources