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1. Similarities: Pub speaking & conv

1.1. Organising thought logically

1.1.1. Giving messages to listeners sistematiclly, step by step & in organised manner in order to make sure they understand the messages.

1.2. Tailoring the messages to the audience

1.2.1. Develop the messages delivery styles & techniques according to the variety of audience perceptions & background.

1.3. Telling a story for max impact

1.3.1. Carefully build up your story, adjusting your words & tone to get best effect of your messages to listeners

1.4. Adapting to listener feedback

1.4.1. Aware of the listener's feedback (verbal, facial expression, & physical reactions)

2. Differences: Pub speaking & conv

2.1. Pub speaking is more highly structured

2.1.1. Demands much more detailed planning & preparation

2.2. Pub speaking requires more formal language

2.2.1. Slang, jargon & bad grammar have lil place in pub speaking

2.3. Pub speaking requires diff method of delivery

2.3.1. Conversation: Adopt casual posture & vocalised pause

2.3.2. Pub speaking: Adjust your voice to be heard clearly throughout the audience, more erect posture & vocal distracting mannerisms & verbal habits

3. Developing confidence

3.1. Stage fright

3.1.1. Anxiety over the prospect of giving speech in front of audience

3.2. Dealing with nervousness

3.2.1. Positive nervousness: controlled nervousness that helps energise speaker for her/his presentation

3.2.2. Acquire speaking experience The more you learn about pub speaking the more speeches you give, the less threatening speechmaking will become

3.2.3. Prepare, prepare, prepare Standard rule of thumb is that each minute of speaking time requires one/two hours of presentation time

3.2.4. Think positively Confidence is mostly well-known power of positive thinking.

3.2.5. Use the power of visualzation Creating vivid mental blueprint in which you see yourself succeeding in your speech

3.2.6. Know that most nervousness is not visible Even though your palms are sweating & your heart is pounding, your listener will not realise how tense you're.

3.2.7. Don't expect perfection At some point of presentation, every speaker does or says something that does not come across exactly as planned

4. avoid enthocentrism

4.1. Enthocentrism

4.1.1. Belief that one's own group/culture is superior to all other group/cultures