Shishir Saxena Updated V2MOM - 2019

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Shishir Saxena Updated V2MOM - 2019 by Mind Map: Shishir Saxena  Updated V2MOM - 2019


1.1. Elevate Brillio's brand to be a highly visible "human-centric digital transformation solutions led brand" - across our target markets (customers/prospects), influencers (analysts/awards/media/PR), talent engagement (internal/external)

1.1.1. - 10 Customer endorsements - Coverage by analysts - at least 4 in 2019 - Mention in at least 3 reports as a scale digital transformation player - Media coverage to support positioning - 5 in 2019 - Drive candidate engagement via hackathons & meet-ups (1/Q)

1.2. Institutionalize a scalable demand generation model - both for NN & EN leveraging our channels of focus - alliances, ABM, events, external-lead gen partners & digital marketing campaigns

1.2.1. - Support the goal of 60% of NN leads via "Alliances" - Drive 20% NN leads from external lead-gen channel - Drive 25% EN opportunities via ABM

1.3. Re-align Brillio's India strategy to focus global captives as the primary growth driver for region

1.3.1. - $3 Mn revenue at 42% margin, except Verizon


2.1. Client Success

2.1.1. Untitled ABM, aligned to account plan - 100% coverage for Strategic & Growth, case-by-case for others Partner for elevating MBR & QBR conversations Readiness to support the growth agenda for CS & Sales - capacity, approach, technology & partners

2.2. We care

2.2.1. Untitled Upskill current team for a solution-led / product marketing approach Structured & continuous learning and development Work hard - Play hard Define and stick to expectations, reduce last-minute rush

2.3. Entrepreneurial

2.3.1. Untitled Culture of A/B testing to a more "growth hacker" mindset Vs. traditional marketing

2.4. Excellence

2.4.1. Untitled Content quality - across platforms / formats Holding all stakeholders accountable for outcome


3.1. Filed Marketing RRO - India Sales Enablement Internal Comm. & Talent Branding

3.1.1. Brand elevation via, analyst / influencer recognition, awards, customer testimonials & a sustained and high-engagement media promotion and PR strategy Scale the analyst & influencer engagement model to establish the "digital transformation partner at scale" positioning across reputed research & publications (Gartner, Forrester, IDC etc.) Institutionalize the scouting & development of news-worthy content (launches, wins, alliances, customer quotes etc.) – as a rhythm to maintain steady brand presence Establish the leadership position in industry / alliance / technology / regional forums via thought leadership, PR, speaking engagements, media promotions - needs a sustained engagement at all levels of leadership Focus on establishing a brand name in emerging markets - UK and India via a combination of event participation, media placements and other branding opportunities

3.1.2. Drive new logo growth through a multi-channel demand generation model, that's regionally aligned -EAST, CENTRAL, WEST, UK & INDIA Alliance-led demand generation (60% - SQLs) Augmenting the US-based Alliance Management team with a dedicated & specialized pool for driving & governing the alliance function at a global scale Leveraging the calendarized event schedule, drive a well-defined end-to-end plan to monetize our investments (REF: EVENT PLAYBOOK) Formalize and execute on the sell-to & sell-through demand generation execution model for all key alliances Re-purpose the current ISR team to focus on the activities around alliance events Drive visibility for Brillio within the alliance community to improve our sourced-deal numbers Scale up the region-focused business development FS-led pipeline (10% SQLs shared by regional sales owner) Drive the rigor & focus on T-15 in partnership with regional sales leaders with the targted micro-campaign model Scale up the local outsourced CPL demand generation model to US (20% - SQLs) Before end of 2018, will operationalize the US model for regional lead generation with local agencies Expand the Qualifa model to cover all service lines & strategic solution sell By Q1-2019, the model will include the strategic solution sell

3.1.3. Partner with CS teams (US & India) to develop the by-account ABM plan, with timelines & KPIs for their strategic, growth and select emerging accounts (via ABM PLAYBOOK). Drive 20% qualified EN opportunities Develop and execute a focused cross-sell & up-sell program for expanding our service line penetration for all Comity accounts Pilot the plan for at least 2 strategic/growth accounts per region by Mar-2019 100% coverage for all strategic and 50% growth accounts by end of Q2-2019 Establish by-alliance demand gen. goals in collaboration with the alliances management & CS team to drive revenue growth as per A/C plan

3.1.4. Scale and calendarize the corporate digital campaign model (PLAYBOOK) With a 2 campaigns per month model, institutionalize the execution model & internal capacity to deliver predictable campaign led leads / quarter (Q4-2018) Align the content calendar in collaboration with practices, alliances team and other stakeholder Bring in external capability to elevate our CTAs - move to high-engagement assets Vs. traditional passive content

3.1.5. Institutionalize & scale the event marketing model (PLAYBOOK) Drive all event activity, decision making & governance via the established calendar-driven execution model All stakeholders - practice (capability), field sales/CS (sales capture), marketing (orchestration, content, branding & amplification) to own their piece Joint governance model for driving rigor, RACI alignment & ROI measurement to drive efficacy. Ad-hoc events will need to follow the established review process & governance Ad-hoc events will need to follow the established process & governance

3.1.6. Sharpen the focus of India region on captives & exit all non-strategic pursuits Develop and execute a focused NN logo acquisition strategy that targets only MNC captives Logically conclude all open pursuits as well as active engagements, that don't align to stated India strategy Grow Dell, Verizon, J&J and Honeywell via the CSMM model, with an ABM focus Up-skill and reorganize the current growth organization to execute the strategy


4.1. Current team to be re-purposed and re-skilled for marketing / BD with a product / solution mindset and with the focus on alliances

4.1.1. Enhance team through external hires, internal rotations, and IDPs etc.

4.1.2. Train team on product led and alliances (sell-to / sell-through) thinking - sales & marketing

4.1.3. Leverage external partner (outsourced lead generation) to deliver the leads in the areas of our focus / solutions

4.2. Move the organization from an ad-hoc approach to marketing (NOT same as agility!) to a predictable and institutionalized

4.2.1. Drive quality, consistency & behavior with playbooks, governance and role clarity

4.3. Quality of content, messaging strength & CTA effectiveness have been weak, impacting lead generation outcome

4.3.1. US-based extended team for messaging and quality of content + internal resource switches

4.3.2. Need to better collaborate with practitioners and presales for developing compelling and highly engaging content strategy & deliverables

4.4. Need local / regional presence for better representing the global marketing function in the US & to drive alignment

4.4.1. Will add a mid-level marketer in the US region, in collaboration with the new global alliances leader (Q1 2019)

4.4.2. Every quarter, 1 person from the marketing team will be in the US for building a deeper appreciation of markets and support ongoing efforts

4.4.3. Budget for travel for pre-approved event calendar to drive the event execution - orchestration, on-ground execution

4.5. NN Sales effort for India Region will need to established in line with strategy

4.5.1. No clearly defined GTM plan yet for captives & the sell-motion for the same will need to developed from scratch

4.5.2. New relationships will start with a staff-aug model, often at aggressive margins

4.5.3. NN sales team will need to be re-oriented & augmented to support the new strategy


5.1. Globally elevate the Brillio brand positioning, across regions of focus

5.1.1. Analyst recognition : at least 10 mentions, 2 established reports, 10 awards across 3 research firms

5.1.2. 20 PR releases, 10 Tier 1/2 media interviews, 20 trade publications and research

5.1.3. Customer referenceability - 15 new customer testimonials across practices / regions

5.1.4. Integrate Comity into the parent brand as a singular brand entity

5.1.5. UK/Europe - Min. 2 Brillio level events - Min. 2 solution/practice specific event

5.1.6. Annual customer event - 50 customers/prospect in attendance, announced in Q1

5.1.7. India - Feature in leading print media (ET/Mint), min. 2 - Speaking gig at key industry events with PR opportunities (min. 4)

5.2. New Logo Demand Generation

5.2.1. 60% SQLs from the alliance channel

5.2.2. 10% of SQLs via digital marketing channels

5.2.3. 30% SQLs to be generated from the external outsourced lead gen. partners

5.3. Account Based Marketing

5.3.1. Influence 20% EN pipeline for Strategic & Growth accounts from the targeted ABM strategy

5.3.2. Establish at least 3 new connects per campaign at Director & above level

5.3.3. At least 3 referrals / inbound sales queries per quarter

5.4. Alliance Marketing

5.4.1. 60% of leads (#60) from the alliances channel - across our focus alliances

5.4.2. Drive alliance revenue targets for CS via their account plan interlock - strategic & growth accounts, converted to ABM strategy- 80% on target for alliance goals across existing markets

5.4.3. At least 2 global / US scale awards per strategic alliance in 2019

5.4.4. 1 marquee event participation per alliance ecosystem, with a speaking opportunity

5.5. Digital Marketing Campaigns

5.5.1. 10% of all SQLs to be generated via digital marketing channel (#10)

5.5.2. Drive 2 campaigns per month, mutually exclusive in terms of target audience. Publish an annual calendar, with firm plan for upcoming 2 quarters

5.6. Event Marketing

5.6.1. Calendarized event schedule for events published in Q42018 for H1-2019 with guidance for further event selection

5.6.2. Contribute to 10% of NN pipeline in 2019

5.7. India Region

5.7.1. $3Mn Revenue at 42% margin, except Verizon

5.7.2. >50 NPS for all customers polled for CSAT