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TD by Mind Map: TD

1. Values

1.1. family

1.1.1. how lucky we are to give kids something to remember TD didn't give just money, something they would never be able to experience with them

1.1.2. see ones who are ill, money would never change that

1.2. money

1.2.1. to save and use later for school

1.3. ties into perspective and what you value most

1.4. sports

1.4.1. got to throw first pitch never be able to do that without TD

2. Persuasive

2.1. warm and fuzzy

2.1.1. they finally get something they could never afford or experience

2.1.2. makes you feel happy for them

2.2. celebtrity

2.2.1. blue jays jose bautista education fund annual golf event

2.2.2. builds credibility

2.3. repetition

2.3.1. giving back to many really personal gifts

2.3.2. each person valued something different

3. Techniques

3.1. pathos

3.1.1. makes you feel joyful

3.1.2. empathy for others

3.1.3. smile is contagious

4. perpective

4.1. people who hold family above everything

4.1.1. could be relatable

4.1.2. feels blessed and appreciates what TD is doing for other families gets to be with daughter with cancer could never be replaced by anything

4.2. Braden, 14 y/o

4.2.1. enjoyed people getting specific gifts genuine intent on making an impact on their lives

4.2.2. found himself feeling empathetic touched from the fact they bought plane tickets to be with ill family memebers

5. in court

5.1. allegedly "stealing" money

5.2. class court meaning anyone can join

5.3. 5 years in court