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Clean food by Mind Map: Clean food

1. 1. Eat whole, natural, unprocessed foods

1.1. Avoid items that come in containers, such as a

1.1.1. -bag -box -package

1.1.2. -preservatives -artificial sweeteners -food coloring

2. 2. Avoid added sugar

2.1. Whole fruit is encouraged. Avoid foods with added sugar, including:

2.1.1. -honey -fruit juice -agave -syrup -coconut nectar -turbinado

2.1.2. -cookies -many brands of jarred pasta sauce -bread -many brands of salad dressing

3. 3. Choose whole, unrefined grains

3.1. refined grains increase your risk

3.1.1. -white rice -pasta -white bread -processed breakfast cereals

3.2. Refined grains are digested rapidly in your body, which quickly increases your blood sugar and insulin, and spikes hunger.

3.2.1. -white rice -pasta -white bread -processed breakfast cereals

4. 4. Opt for lean protein

4.1. The following foods are also great sources of lean protein

4.1.1. -eggs -nuts -beans -lentils

4.2. If you decide to eat meat, choose lean varieties

4.2.1. -skinless chicken -turkey -fish