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Careers page by Mind Map: Careers page

1. Links for Content

1.1. Carers | Careers | Bupa UK


1.3. Priory Adult Care

1.4. What is Paranoid Schizophrenia? | BREVIN Mental Health at home

1.5. Mental health jobs in West London - WLMHT Careers

1.6. One HousingIntro

2. Information to include

2.1. Our specialist mental health services We recognise that mental health conditions affect everyone in very different ways, so to meet this challenge, we have a range of services designed to meet a variety of needs including: Specialist residential care, respite and day opportunities Innovative support programmes in a safe and caring environment Independent living in safe accommodation Supported living and community outreach transition opportunities Healthcare at independent hospitals Support in accessing education and paid employment prospects Progression through a care pathway that fulfils each individual’s maximum potential Multidisciplinary team assistance Choices for the people we support that encompass each individual’s needs to achieve positive outcomes and make a transition to more independent living

2.2. Our aim is to empower individuals by providing a care pathway which focuses on recovery, encouraging people to gain control of their lives, enjoy sustainable independence and have belief in their potential.


3.1. 'Working at moreways' content

3.2. what working at moreways means

3.3. a committed team, dedicated to bettering the health of those in our care. All staff hold their job in very high regard, understanding the impact their role has on those in our care.

3.4. enthusiasm, adaptability, a real willingness to learn – and a focus on the patient above all else

3.5. we want to be the best at what we do and so we constantly try to improve how we work and the ideas that we generate. We encourage our staff to think with a commercial and 'can do' attitude and you can imagine the size of our appetite for innovative ideas and exploring how we can do things differently.

4. Links to other pages

4.1. Our story

4.2. Our people

4.3. Students

4.4. Working at moreways

4.5. career areas

4.6. job opportunities

5. Layout

5.1. Main careers page should contain brief information, information should mainly be within sub pages (our story etc)

5.2. Should have square structure with images above text links to other pages.

5.3. clear images and headers throughout all following same colour scheme and font