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Bogotá by Mind Map: Bogotá

1. In the city there are many thieves for example: in the transport system and on the streets .

2. Interesting

2.1. Is is Interesting because it has many museum

3. Beautiful

3.1. It is beautiful because it has several parks where you can enjoy with your family.

4. Crowded

4.1. It is Crowded because to the city have come displaced and emigrants from different parts .

5. Dangerous

6. Noisy

6.1. It is noisy because because there's a lot of traffic.

7. Ancient

7.1. bogota is ancient because it was founded 480 years ago.

8. Dirty

8.1. It is dirty because people have not consciousness of the environment

9. Air pollution

9.1. In bogo ta there are many cars and motorcycles, that is why air is always polluted.