Four Roles of Human Resources, and its Responsabilities

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Four Roles of Human Resources, and its Responsabilities by Mind Map: Four Roles of Human Resources, and its Responsabilities

1. Labor Law Compliance

1.1. Develop Labor Policies

1.2. Negotiate Agreements with Unions

1.3. Managing Grievance Procedures

1.4. Develop and Revise Union Contracts

1.5. Leading Labor Management Meetings

1.6. Fair Employment Practices

1.7. Safety Codes Practices

2. Record Keeping

2.1. Create and Maintain Personnel Records

2.2. Research Compensation Policies and Plans

2.3. Writing and Revising Job Destriptions

2.4. Prepare and Update Salary Scales

2.5. Determine Position Classification

2.6. Administering Organizations Benefit Programs

2.7. Designing Reports for Senior Executive Team

3. Compensation and Benefits

3.1. Attract Top Talent

3.2. Retain Valuable Assets

3.3. Strong with Numbers

3.4. Ensures Compensation and Benefit plans are Cost Effective and Competitive

3.5. Collaboration with Outside Vendors

3.6. Monitoring and Researching Compensation and Benefit trends

3.7. Assessment of organization's pay structure

4. Employee Advocate

4.1. Employee Development

4.2. Conflict Resolution or Arbitration

4.3. Employee Compliants

4.4. Information Flow

4.5. Recruitment

4.6. Potential and success of employees

4.7. Marketing tools for networking with valuable assets