The Cell Cycle

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The Cell Cycle by Mind Map: The Cell Cycle

1. Mitosis

1.1. Prophase

1.1.1. Chromotids condence from long strands to thick rods

1.2. Metaphase

1.2.1. The nucleus membrane disovess and the Chromotids start to line up down the center of the cell. spindle fibers extend outward from the centrieols to grab onto the chromotids and start to pull the chromotids toward the centrieols.

1.3. Anaphase

1.3.1. The spindle fibers pull the chromosomes toward the centrieols.

1.4. Telophase

1.4.1. As this is happining the cytoplasmic starts to split and the nucleus membrane forms around the centriols and the chromosomes.

2. Interphase

2.1. The DNA starts to replicate and chromosomes start to pair up and create Chromotids

3. The cell cycle

3.1. Cytokineses

3.1.1. The cell splits