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Using Social Media by Mind Map: Using Social Media
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Using Social Media

Favorite Resources


We were created to be social

A small part of redemption is reconciliation

Jesus and the apostles used cultural tools to relate

In any age, you cannot separate tech from social

Wanna relate? Use social media


Get the media (message) right


Culturally relevant


Make the media social

Be creative

Join and create conversations

Be a thought leader

Listen - never ignore the crowd


A brand is the story people tell about a person, product, or organization.

Personal brand

Profile branding (logo, avatar, backgrounds)

Blogging (own domain, social integration)

Ministry brand

Profile branding (human voice)

Website, Usability, Design, Content, Social integration & RSS, Local SEO

Tools &Tips



Relational, Encouraging notes, Helpful content, Joining conversations

Publicity, Like button on EVERYTHING, Page with welcome tab, Advertising, Duplicate website, Events, Places (location)

Communication, Groups


Search, find, and follow

Create lists

Share great stuff

Listen for feedback

Use lists



Update your resume

Connect with professionals

Participate in groups

Google +

Research (sparks & circles)

Influence & mentoring


Video & Media

Be professionally amateur

Take advantage of every feature (tags, descriptions, links)

Pinterest & Instagram