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COMM391 Section 103 Phase 5 by Mind Map: COMM391 Section 103 Phase 5
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COMM391 Section 103 Phase 5

Keep track of moving orders, vehicles, and packages

cloud computing

provide current and relevant information to suppliers, and even customers, regarding availability of our products

improves efficiency and thus decreases costs

inventory control: sharing points of sales with suppliers, which predicts future sales

Group 307 VanRealty

Adequate Privacy/ Security could be a concern for cloud computing. This should be looked into it if you decide to implement cloud computing. Also, when there is a system failure or disconnection to internet, it also means trouble to the company since data is not able to be retrieved.

CC (Cloud Computing)

Benefit, Entire business platform accessible anywhere, anytime on any device, Real-time analytics, Entirely customizable, Relatively cheaper IT costs, Pay incrementally

Cons, Copyright flaws (who owns what once it's uploaded), Having to migrate all existing OS/IS's to cloud computing, Although relatively simple and easy


MLS (Multiple Listing Service), Benefits, Allows customers to access our supple of houses online as if they were browsing clothes, Chatter, Modern and efficient communication, From agent to agent, From customer to agent, PD (Product Determination), What is trending/selling in the current market, Deal of the day (or focus), Cons, Having to be always updated, Having to know what to hide from the customer, e.g. bargaining range (how low the seller is willing to go, e.g. information that would deter the customer from purchase

Group 310 - City Workforce

Good- I am really impressed by your analysis. Good work and keep it up!

Cloud Computing

To make all employee supply and employer demand data accessible to all regional offices, Strengths, Creates a decentralized network., all of the data is accessible by all of our regional branches., Store all data or information of our employers and employees as most of our data will be online, Weaknesses, Security concerns., concern about ownership of managing the service. A head office would have to be developed.

Payroll Technology

To collect monthly fee from employers and pay salary to employees, Strengths, To make it easier for employers (employers dont have to transfer the payment every month), More accurate (less mistakes) as it is computerized, Easier to adjust when change occurs, Lower cost once implemented and faster, Weakness, Need a backup system and back up information in times of downturn, May be expensive to implement the system, need to add security system for banking account and other information customers have

Knowledge Management Software and Infrastructure

To act as an expertise locator and analyze skills/personality results, Strengths, ready access to the organization's base of data, sources of information, and market stats, Sharing of valuable organizational information, Track previous work done by our workers, thus retain knowledge and reduce learning curve, Weaknesses, Steep learning curve to implement

Recommendation Agent

give several other potential job recommendation for employees and give potential workers for employers, Give more options to both ends

Security Management and confirmation system

To track and ensure that the proper people are getting security clearance at a company, and there are no leaks claiming to be working for us., Strengths, Weaknesses

Mobile application

To access our service everywhere everytime

Group 309 - MoveIT

Adequate It is true that GPS system usually generates routes based on optimistic traffic condition. However, this problem can be solved by collecting traffic data and input the data back into the GPS system. With that, the system will now generate traffic routes based on the data.


used to link our human resources and operations, link our employees + skills to trucks and scheduling

GPS system

for tracking trucks, and determining routes, weaknesses: costly, will not meet all our travelling needs (road conditions), strengths: easy to use, quick information, easy to obtain


Track jobs and trucks (built in link to GPS)

S: Automatically assign optimal person based on job location

W: only 5 years of technical service, Run out of updates after five years; have to repurchase and implement every five years - doesn't allow for long term growth


Personnel Management Task Management Learning Management System News & Articles, weaknesses: one person must administer

for employees (easy to understand)

Hazard Reports Close Call & Incident Investigations Safety Observations Contact Relationship Manager


used to order/rank our employees based on specialized moving skills (i.e. certifications for extraordinary items)

Group 302

Weak I am not sure if Operational CRM can help you to track customer orders. Operational CRM helps you to store customer order data and other information, but should not be able to track orders. You need to consider other software to perform tracking service. And I would like to see the weakness(es) of cloud computing (For example, security).


Operational CRM, Web based self service, PRO: Helping consumers track their order as we are implementing a delivery system online; maximizes consumer efficiency, Helps us save time as consumers will be able to track it themselves and they don't have to keep on calling our offices to check their orders/deliveries, helps consumers find the things they want, Also builds trust as usually, consumers don't trust the internet, whereas having this system will lead to customer satisfcation because they can track their orders using the system. and thus trust us

Analytical CRM, Personalization, Able to narrow down who our dominant consumers are, Having a personalized technology system will help contribute to the development of our company as we aim to provide a unique shopping experience for consumers. Our main focus as of this point is developing our relationship with consumers, Gain customer information, Helps us predict demand, which is a significant advantage because online delivery systems must be fast and efficient

CON: expensive; limitation for our company as we are a relativley small grocery store

annual updates which adds to maintenance costs

Security problems

Since it's a new system and a new way of running the company, employees must understand how to use and the training costs can be potentially high; limitation to a small firm like ours

Poor usability; hard to implement it properly in the short run as it is difficult interference

Cloud computing

Having our entire business operations in one database, Strength: very efficient and low on costs, efficient for our supply chain management; having suppliers and regional offices be able to communicate with each other properly and hold all informations (e.g. orders) in one database/system

Group 301

Good- I really like you work. However, there is security concern in RFID tags. I would like to see that as weakness with explanation about it because security is an important topic in MIS.


Tags can be attached to each of the packages we are transporting

Can make sure all packages are on the vehicle (or off the vehicle when delvering to customer's home) It also enhances secuirity since all packages are kept track and accounted for

Can complicate procedures, since all boxes need to be tagged

Additional software and training might be required to support RFID tags

GPS Systems

Allows company and customers to keep track of the progress of the move, Strength: Eliminate customers' concern of property safety because we have records of all the moving progress.

Helps movers to find the best route to a destination, saving costs and time, Weakness: Can be costly to implement, especially if we want to show the progress of the move to the customers as well

Technology Requirements

Manage customer information and their demands/personal data and type of move they want (full or flexible services)

Information systems that helps us pair right employees to the right customers depending on the ethnicity and expertise of the employee

Assist employees to make accurate price estimates

Knowledge Management System

Allows our company to match our employees with the prefered spoken language of our customer using expertise locators, Weakness: The IS can be used as a reference of past success and failure, but as a start-up company, we would not benefit much from it., Strength: Facilitates the personalization process

ERP System

Similar to:

Manages customer information

Improves accuracy and speed of making price estimates for different type of services (full services or flexible moving service)

System may include mobile application for employees to use on the go - keep track of customer data on their phone

May be expensive to implement and train employees to use

Group 308 Good Foods

Good Your group analyze the use of technologies well. Well done and keep it up!


Benefits Reduce inventory inaccuracies Improve forecasting & planning Especially perishable items Reduce warehouse costs Reduce out-of-stock conditions Reduce labour costs Technology exists Has already been used by many other companies, Common concerns of RFID Privacy Durability Is it even worth it for our model?, Reasonable cost* Tags $0.14 each Reader $1,245 Start- up costs approx $3,000 Easy to use Parallel conversion, insourcing


Reach out to further away customers Our e-mails are a channel of communication, to reach out to customers when they are not within close proximity of our stores.We can use the appropriate technology to target the appropriate group, such as the younger crowd we can use social media but to the elder crowd we can focus more on emails or other technologies

Cloud Computing, Weaknesses would include ensuring that our information is protected, and hidden from our competitors or other companies who may be interested in entering the market. If they enter this will decrease residual demand for us, which could lead to decreased sales and profits

Social Media(Knowledge Management), Accessible, high visibility, relatively cheap Fulfills business requirements Feasibility Implementation Direct conversion with both regular customers and customers who do not visit our store, Potential of communicating with other stores to try and create a software architecture which uses the same technology to provide similar services. Requires collaboration, but also potential conflict of interest as we will be sharing services, but maybe we can only focus on what is common to all organizations, Concerns include privacy issues, customers may not think it is 'cool' to talk to a company. We should focus on integrating into already ongoing conversations about our store,, Always cheaper to retain an old customer than to get a new one

Suppliers, Vital to communicate between the suppliers and the store. Could be used alongside RFID tags, so we know where our new inventory is at the current location and how to update it


Allowing personalization so people who may have purchased groceries will receive an email regarding the recipes they could use and other recipes which would use other groceries which they havent purchased. This is linked to recommendation agents who will be given updated information on customer trends and can then supply recipes for their current groceries which they bought and other groceries which they may potentially buy in the future

Enterprise Resource Planning

That single item sales will inform a wide variety of sources of that sales, so it can update itself such as the inventory management, billing. This can be used alongside a TPS system, to gather data and convert it to information (through other systems) to allow for decision making.

Forecast demand:

in order to reduce cost and have an efficient just in time inventory system, it is essential to predict/forecast demand. Through the use of regression analysis from excel we can determine the demand function of our business and hence by just filling in the variables into the function we will have a rough idea of future demand.

Group 316

Adequate Firstly, to clarify: CRM is NOT necessarily a technology, but rather a company-wide, customer-centric, business strategy. 3 key elements any CRM initiative has is people, processes and supporting technology.So without recommending a specific info technology, how then can you affectively asses the Strengths and Weaknesses of CRM itself? I did however, like your E-Commerce recommendation. If you could've elaborated more on your strengths and weaknesses that would've been great. Also, how can E-Commerce "attract a new market" and how does this even support your core business operations? I think there is a lot of potential here, you just need to show me you understand how this info tech can help you with your business. I really liked your GPS system and the ensuing analysis you've provided. This part was well done.


Our company offers a differentiated service that customers value, if we do not receive feedback about whether they value this service or not then we are just wasting our money

Inbound touchpoints, web surveys, email

Outbound touchpoints, direct mail to residents of Vancouver

Strengths: will inform us if our company is on the right track with a differentiated product or should switch to a lower cost model to attract customers, find out what service is more popular (storage, moving or junk removal) and increase pricing

Weaknesses: costs, most people don't respond to surveys unless there's an incentive, small company that has a limited customer base to draw assumptions from

Customer data, organizes customers based on age, targeting seniors, most popular services, Junk removal, Storage, Issue notices when rental space is about to expire, could offer discount for continued use, Moving, Rent a truck, Have us pack it for you

Ecommerce (website)

can offer an online booking service, shows available days and lets you choose a specific mover, Can pay online (Paypal)

Strengths: could attract a new market

Weaknesses: will our target market use it? (55+ Vancouverites)

Cloud computing

Store and process data, Strength:Easy to view trends and weak areas, can get rid of paper system (which is currently inefficient), Weakness: as a small start up company will we have that much information that we will need this software?


Strengths: more efficient than landlines, allows customer to book whenever when the manger is wherever (whether helping move or in the office), allows truck drivers to keep in contact with the office on their progress (especially if we don't use GPS it is a cheaper alternative), Could get good deal on a business or group plan

Weaknesses: employees could abuse service

GPS System

Can track movers, See if they are on track, Able to see if they are using the car for moving or unproductive reasons and costing the company money

Can inform customers what stage their move is in

Strengths: provides accurate information to customers and cuts down on inefficient movers

Weaknesses: will be costly to outfit entire fleet, customers might not value the benefit or knowing what stage their move is in

Group 317

Adequate Firstly,to clarify: CRM is NOT necessarily a technology, but rather a company-wide, customer-centric, business strategy. 3 key elements that any CRM initiative should include is people, processes and the supporting tech that will make this all possible. I like that you seem to have acknowledged this, and specified that a specific tech (e.g. Analytic CRM software suite) will need to be employed. I love the explanation you have given and that you have EXPLICITLY shown me how this info tech ( and the subsequent analytic tools you employ) will support your core business operations. Overall I like the info technologies you've recommend, but for some ( Cloud Computing) it seems as if you're throwing in the "entire kitchen sink." Remember, to show me explicitly how each technology will help supprt your CORE business operations. Some technologies seem like "nice to haves." Remember your financial resources will be constrained, and not all info technologies will give you the same return on investment. As such, be selective on the specific technologies you recommend, and make sure that you can derive real value from them.

Cloud Computing

We can use this technology to store and process our database., Strengths: Have a single database being shared by all offices across Canada, constant flow of information, Weaknesses: Will need back-up system, loss of control to another party, security issue

Knowledge management system

Can be used to locate workers within specific skills required by the employer

City Workforce can provide blogs services to the job candidates, letting those people blog about their work experience, strength, skills etc...and then use social networks (those blogs) to make knowledge network analysis, Weakness: the cost for rent or own the servers for blog service will increase the cost of our service. When City Workforce decide to use lower price strategy to compete with other giant staffing agents, blog service may not be a good choice., Strengths: Able to find out the unique strength of that candidate and narrow the range of candidates more efficiently and quicker.

Analytic CRM

Can provide customer segmentation groupings based on different workers (students, immigrants, women and other). Also segmenting based on industry (tourism, constriction, retail, office and administration)

Can be used to analyze which segments are most profitable

Can help us to predict the lifetime that worker or employer will continue to use our services. How can we continue to provide for them after the effects of the recession dampen.

Recommendation Agents

Can be used to help employers to find workers looking for a job that match their requirements and vice versa

If a worker applies for one job, the recommendation agent can recommend 2-3 other potential jobs that they can apply for, based on other people also applying for the same jobs, as well as the similarity of the job posting to the one applied for initially., Weaknesses: May not want recommendations, may only need to find one position to fill position and don't need multiple workers and vice versa, Strengths: Allows for the exposure of didn't employers/workers that may have not been seen before by the person hiring/looking for a job.

"You may be interested in these jobs." A recording of what job posts workers are viewing and applying for and make recommendations based on that.- automatic recommendations

Group 318

Adequate+ to Good- I liked that you recommended a specific software that is tailored for the healthcare sector ( JonokeMed). I would have liked however if you had made the link a bit clearer in your strength's & weaknesses analysis as to how JonokeMed would support your core business operations. For HID Key Cards, tell me what supporting software/program will you need to actually gain the functionality you so describe? On its own, a key card is just that: a Key Card. Remember to tell me about the supporting HID Key Card Technology and ho wit can help your business. Overall, I liked the suite of operational technologies you've recommended, as well as your analysis ( e.g. strengths and weaknesses). Be weary however of just throwing in information tech's just for the sake of it. (e.g. the "entire kitchen sink"). Remember: show me explicitly how each technology will help supprt your CORE business operations. Some technologies that you've recommended seem like "nice to haves" ( written recognition) vs. essential to your CORE business operations. Remember your financial resources will be constrained, and not all info technologies will give you the same return on investment. As such, be selective and specific on the technologies you recommend.


Supply Inventory, Medical supplies can be managed by using bar codes and bar code readers, Strenghts, Inexpensive compared to other inventory alternatives (RFID etc), Weaknesses, Requires manual scanning, Potential for employee error

Speech to text, Allows physicians to record appointment transcripts and articulate ideas quicker than writing them out, Strengths, Convienent, Easy for less computer literate staff members, Weaknesses, May record useless information, Not perfected technology, not always accurate

Written recognition, Strength, Allows less computer literate staff to "write" digital charts, Some people can write quicker than typing, Weaknesses, not all handwriting may be recognized, many people may prefer to type

Security of confidential information, Biometric Scanners, Restricts access of information to qualified individuals e.g. only physicians would see unrestricted patient records (used to sign in on computer systems), Strengths, Very secure, State of the art technology, no need to remember passwords or use a key, Weaknesses, expensive compared to a simple password, relatively new technology, not widely used

Security of rooms and suplies, HID Key Cards, HID Key Cards can restrict access to medical supplies, computer systems and patient rooms to qualified staff members, Strengths, Can be easily shared e.g from physician to assistant, commonly used, can be easily re programmed instead of cutting keys, Weaknesses, expensive, cards can be lost (can be obtained by unauthorized individuals)


Strength, facility and booking management, allows patients to book online, barcoding technology, Does mediical reaserch

weaknesses, Does not allow communiation between our clinic and other units within our network.

Group 315

Adequate - I'm a little surprised you recommended a RFID tag. Your justification fails to show me how this info tech will support your core business operation(s). It seems like you've just thrown "RFID tag" up on the mindmap with no real thought to it. What exactly is an "ID Card?" Tell me the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY that it represents/supports. On it's own, it is just a Card that identifies someone. What machine(s) and systems are needed to support this ID Card? Where will the data be stored? What Analytics Tools will be employed to give meaning to the data stored on the core? How does this/will this support your core business operations? These are some questions you will need to consider. I did however like your wireless technology recommendation and that you've essentially highlighted its benefits : namely allowing you to share date, programs, and applications. This was great!

RFID tag

Strengths, Identify patients quickly and efficiently, Allows clinic to know how many patients are in the clinic at one time, Both staff and patients in the clinic can be tracked, If doctor is needed immediately receptionist can track where each doctor is and from that determine whether they are available, Know where equipment is when needed, Track number of doctors scheduled to work and number of patients requesting a visit - match supply and demand

Weaknesses, Useless once damaged, Doesn't neccessarily enhance customer relationship simply a tool to keep track of people and equipment

ID Card

Strengths, Allows receptionist to quickly pull up patient information which links to any updates in their condition, Easily update and monitor progress of patient, keeping detailed notes accessible to doctors and therapists within the clinic, Doctors can use the ID card to pull up patient information in clinic rooms rather than leaving to go get a paper file, Arrange appointments by referencing scheduled doctors each day and set constraints on available sessions

Weaknesses, If lost someone could find it and have access to patient profiles, Need to have another way to access patient information so that if they forget their card or lose it there profile can still be accessed - ask security questions

Wireless Technology

Make clinic paperless, Strengths, Information accessed easily and efficiently, Patient information can be pulled up anywhere in the clinic, Removes risk of misplacing or ruining patient files and important paper documents, Weaknesses, Privacy issues - System would have to be extremely secure so that it is unable to be hacked, Bug in the software or system failure would result in the clinic having to shut down operations

Group 314

Good - Firstly, to clarify: CRM is NOT necessarily a technology, but rather a company-wide, customer-centric, business strategy. 3 key elements any CRM initiative has is people, processes and technology. I like that you seem to have acknowledged this, and specified that a specific "technology" (aka the SugarCRM software suite) for "Database Integration and Management" will need to be employed. I love the explanation you have given and how you have EXPLICITLY shown me how this info tech can support your core business operations. I also like the Financial Tools you've recommended- these seem like sound intelligence agents for VanReality. Just take your justifications one step further and tell me why for example it is important that your customer be able to see which "EFT's are effective" and how "minimzing risk in trades" will help with fulfilling your business strategy and operations.

Analytical CRM

Sugar CRM for Cloud/Social CRM, Strengths: This tool allows Database Integration and Management which allows us to either update our database externally or manage it through the tool. It also manages all Social Media/Network involvement through one system which allows us to filter out or mine for data through modified applications. SugarCRM although Open source allows for an Enterprise option which includes a variety of tools which can be used to modify the interface itself and the programming; meaning we can make our own applications for our system, linking it to external data sources.. Through SugarCRM we can basically browse through client profiles from our basic company profile database and social interaction/media/network database combined, meaning we gain more information at an efficient rate. Not to mention this gives us the ability to use Sugar CRM for Analytical purposes, for instance to figure out % of clients a high risk/high yield or low risk/standard returns, giving us a better means to deliver user specific messages. Being open source and adaptable to different types of CRM and different modes of application use [PC/Mac/Mobile through iPhone or Android], we are able to manage costs by using a system tool that is versatile. Also, we will be integrating this system with the tools below so we can use them to not only show calculations to clients, but to use these tools to the specific needs of each client., Weakness: This type of management is very technology reliant, meaning if for some reason there is a major hardware problem the firm would end up working at snail pace compared to having the tools available to us. SugarCRM is Open Source, meaning other companies can use it AND edit it as well. However, this can be countered by a strength we posted which is we can tailor it to our firm's advantage, because we have the database management tools that we need in place; we just need to integrate.

Financial Tools

Model ETF Portfolios, A smarter, cheaper, more efficient way for investors to build wealth, it allows people to invest with minimal risk because the model plots out what investors should invest during a particular time in the economy., helps the company map out to customers which EFTs are effective during a bear or bull market, which in turn will decrease risk since ETFs by nature hold a smaller risk level than stocks

Stock Screener, Strengths - Allows us to have a exclusive look at how a market is doing and which investments are doing well and stable

Group 320

Adequate to Adequate + I like the suite of information technologies you've recommended as well as for the most part your strengths and weakness. I can see you've put THOUGHT into what information technologies would best be suited, given the nature of your business operations. Please however make this link CLEAR and EXPLICIT to me. Show me how each technology you recommended SPECIFICALLY fulfills a core business operation (e.g. inventory management, product procurement etc). You've done this for "RFID Tags," where you've told me you want to "Track shipments in bulk so as to track expiration and inventory amounts". This is good! Now do this for the rest of your technologies. Overall a good job!


Track shipments in bulk. Not individual items. Allows to track expiration date and inventory amounts

Disadvantages, Costly to implement and cannot be used to track individual goods. Must purchase large supply and bulk

Recommendation Agents

Using data mining to find trends, and cross-selling opportunities. Allows us to create personalized deals and discounts.

Disadvantages, if raw data is inaccurate, it will produce the wrong trends and models

In-store computer terminals and smartphone app

Can be used to scan products to give prices Can be used to help locate certain items Can be used to recommend complementary goods and potential recipes Can provide health information and nutritional guide

Disadvantages, People who are not tech savvy People who do have smartphones Initial advertising and get people to download the app


Online Catalogue will be available to online subscribers Website will include receipt database, news on organic food, private forum to discuss tasty recipes and news related to organic food/environment

Disadvantages, People who are not tech savvy and non-subscribers would not have access to this service, Some people are nervous about purchasing goods online and are skeptical about sharing information online

New node

Group 312

Adequate Firstly,to clarify: CRM is NOT necessarily a technology, but rather a company-wide, customer-centric, business strategy. 3 key elements that any CRM initiative has is people, processes and tech. So without recommending a specific info technology, how then can you affectively asses the Strengths and Weaknesses of CRM itself? Personally I'm surprised you didn't recommend a RFID (and/or GPS) as surely you would want to have the capability to track your moving trucks and/or precious cargo at any point in time. I did however, like the Customer Interface Management you've recommended and how you've showed how it will support your core business operations ( e.g. assist with "sheduling, staffing, payments...etc"). Now just go one step further and show me the strengths and weaknesses your foresee for it.

Customer Interface Management.

Provides information to business about the type of customer (be it expectations or requirements) and information about business to customers (products/services offered)

Good to maintain constant management of customer-business relationship to keep customers up-to-date with scheduling, staffing, payments... etc

Makes it easier to identify problems


customer data, past/current/new customer info, personal info (mailing address, costs/dates of past moves) can be used to repeat customers, For ex. If a customer is known to move every 6 months, can mail a postcard to customer (since you have mailing address) to attract another moving sale, MARKETING Example: use personal information to individually market consumers (send postcards, can attract new customers...)

Strengths, Minimizes costs, maximizes efficiency, New node, Good to increase customer awareness

Weaknesses, A lot of work to keep up to date., Hard to ensure security of customer data, Can be difficult to understand all the complex data without a trained user.

Group 311

Weak ++ Firstly, to clarify: CRM is NOT necessarily technology, but rather a company-wide, customer-centric, business strategy. 3 key elements that any CRM initiative should include is people, processes and the supporting tech that will make your business strategy possible. For GoodFoods, I'm surprised you did not reccomend E-Commerce or ERP. Furthermore, how is a points card in itself an information technology? A points card is just that: a card. Please show me what specific information TECHNOLOGY will support your core business operations. You've done a good job of this when you've said you would need a customer database. Your rationale here has been sound, although I would argue that a Database by itself is merely a storage place for data. It has no business intelligence and data analytic tools associated to it, unless of course you specifically specify them. Always ask yourself: How can the technology you've recommended be acted upon to support your core business operations. On a positive note, I did like your SFA and how you explained what role it would have to play in your organization. Please do this for your "Cloud Computing" recommendation as well. Tell me HOW having " all information in one database" will make your operations more "efficient."


strengths, customer database, gathering information on our cutomers and their past activities regarding their preferences, purchases, provide better customer services, points card, behaviour prediction: tracks what customers are purchasing, along with their demographic - helping decide what is being purchased helps decide what is in high demand, and what needs to be supplied, attracts new customers in a way that benefits them, while retaining current customers by increasing loyalty, sales force automation (SFA), automates the tasks performed by sales people: tracks all contact that has been made with a given customer, the purpose of the contact, and any follow up that may be needed, helps maintain customer relationship; also ensures that sales efforts are not duplicated, cloud computing, improves efficiency by having all information in one database, low costs, and good for supply chain management, New node

weakness, hard to keep up-to-date information, has some security concerns o protecting customer information

Group 319

Adequate to Adequate + I really like the two info technologies you've recommended ( " ERP" and "Knowledge Content Management"). Take it one step further however, and tell me exactly how "Knowledge Management" decisions will be supported? Right now it sounds like you're using it as a database of sorts to find " information on our clients and work environments." Remember, Knowledge Managment is NOT a database. It merely provides you with information that should be acted upon to support your core business operations. Please make this clear to me. I Also liked your ERP recommendation and ensuing strengths & weakness. You may have left out one weakness/consideration however: security! Good job though!

ERP which it integrate our accounting hr sales and finance departments. it will allow all divisions across Canada to work with the same system .

Strengths system in the cloud (we have mostly online data base) processing in the cloud! => if our physical data crashes we have a back up working 24/7 in the cloud.

Weaknesses Ownership and privacy; information is on the internet and therefore accessible to others.

KM (knowledge) and CM (content mgmt) For the knowledge mgmt part we will use it to assess expertise (and keep track of feedback from clients)

Use knowledge management system as a search engine to find valuable information on our clients and work environment; such as the client which has been the most successful in his / her job positions.

Content management will ensure the consistency of our system; keeping employee profiles up to date with previous work history and future job interests.

Identify a specific information technology for supporting your company's core business operations (not TPS, MIS, etc.). What are the strengths and weaknesses of this technology?

Group 305: VanRealty

Adequate- would like to see more explanations on the strengths and weaknesses. For example, why will realtor's cost decrease after implementing CRM?


virtual design software, strength:, convenience of viewing the house ahead of time for the customers, customers can plan ahead and make decisions ahead of time, cuts costs for relators during open houses, personalizes experiences with the customer (feels more hands on), personalizes experiences with the customer (feels more hands on), weaknesses:, must keep up to date with new virtual design options, privacy issues: not everyone will want to put their home out to the public, personal security issues, may not be cost effective, have to hire a specialist, competition with firms already using similar technology

Group 306 - City Workforce

Adequate Security could be a concern for Paypal payment (same as online credit card payment). Some security systems are expensive to maintain. However, it is an unavoidable expense to a company. Another weakness of Paypal would be customer may need to pay more because of the administration fee.

Payroll System (for our own employees)

Pro: Efficiency, pay/get paid on a regular and consistent basis, takes the pressure off of management (do not need as much manpower focused on payroll + easy distribution), can spend time, resources (paper) and energy in other areas to benefit the company

Con: need added security as pay information is highly personal

Con: if it breaks down you loose all the payroll information

Pro: More accuracy, not recorded on just paper

integrated talent generation technology

automatically adds new job boards as you search, so data base can grow

cons: help and resources from this technology are not as readily available

cons: need to figure out a way to protect customer information, need to figure out legal and personal boundaries

pro: quick single job search across internet

Database/Data warehouse

Cons: information will be stored externally could have ownership problems...

Pro: keeps all the files of existing customers to build a better relationship/portfolio with them

security system

pro: to ensure our website/data base is protected to minimize hacking and loss of data accidentally

cons: usually pretty expensive and difficult to maintain (with all the updates and train people how to use the system)

Paypal (to charge customers)

Efficiency for customers, saves them time of mailing in a cheque or forcing them to trust using their credit card online

internal employee comunication system(i.e. sharepoint

pro: able to share information organization-wide, broadcast information to employees(in case of crisis), employee engagement

cons:, assuming employees used this system regularly, confidential information leakage

Group 304

Adequate- It shows that your group understands the technologies. However, I would like to see further explanation. Also, websites have potential security problems and that should be a weakness.

Mobile E-commerce

Website, Strengths, Wide reach, New node, Weaknesses, Impersonal, can give people the wrong ideas

Mobile CRM

Strengths, is a necessity for a customer relations based company, Helps toward our goal of 360 degree customer service

Weaknesses, sorting and the use of the data can be costly, most companies use it, does not differentiate the company

Akcelerant,Talisma etc., Possible Software, Keeps track of tasks and processes as well

Mobile Application

Strengths, Liked by people, The value in ours is in the information, not the physical app, Investment information is very valuable (Bloomberg), Intuitive, easy to use

Weaknesses, Can be easily copied by others, as apps are very easy to develope

App accessible Customer Investment Database

Secure, usernames and password

Keeps track of investments

Group 303: VanRealty

Adequate For the company website, I am wondering how much information you are going to put on the website because website does have potential security problems.

Main supporting technology: WEBSITE

WEAKNESSES: -Competitors can view and imitate layout/interface easily(too generic) -maintainance costs

STRENGTHS: -Allows promotion -Gives visual 3D interface of property being sold -Easy to find (by googling) -allows application and ":linking" to social media (eg: facebook, linkedin) -> increases marketing and promotion

Main supporting technology 2: MOBILE APPLICATION

WEAKNESSES: -Costs: set up/implementation costs and management -Security: how much shared client data is 'safe'? Can it be leaked/attacked?

STRENGTHS: -Allows instant and quick mobile access for customers to access: (1) regularly updated property listings, (2) direct 'chatting' features and direct interaction with office admins for queries and questions -Allows CRM application: extraction of customer data such as preferred properties and personal info (age, job, location, etc) -Allows to capture their interest so we may contact them due to 'technological innovative ease' quality.

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