NDTC Conversion Funnels

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NDTC Conversion Funnels by Mind Map: NDTC Conversion Funnels

1. Shared Media

1.1. Social Media

1.1.1. Facebook Business Page Candidate Forum Community Sharing

1.1.2. Twitter NDTC Page Community Sharing

1.1.3. Linkedin Personal Business Page

1.1.4. Medium NDTC Page Community Sharing

1.2. Community

1.2.1. Partner Sharing

1.2.2. State/Local Party

1.2.3. Candidates/Current Students

1.3. Facebook and Twitter are currently the only two social channels driving conversions. Facebook drives 75% of conversions and they have a close to equal conversion rate. Medium, which could also be grouped in Earned Media but makes more sense here based on how we are using it is also a strong converter. Traffic Type: Social, Warm. Traffic Quality: High

2. Paid Media

2.1. Email

2.1.1. Currently email doesn't seem like a good converter, but my guess that is due to traffic being grouped in "direct" traffic. Traffic Type: Referral, Warm. Traffic Quality: Unknown

2.2. Facebook Ads

2.2.1. This first campaign with 30-day challenge will give us a good sense about how effective Facebook Ads are

3. Owned Media

3.1. Search

3.1.1. Conversion from people searching for content we provide. Traffic Type: Cold, Traffic Quality: High. Search actually offers some of our best conversion rates, specifically from people either searching our name or those searching for Democratic training (most common: "democratic training xx city/state"

3.2. Direct

3.3. Referral

3.3.1. Conversion from traffic sent to our owned content via referral. Traffic Type: Warm. Traffic Quality: Value dependent on source.

3.4. FOMO Traffic

3.4.1. Traffic and conversions from people landing on login page. Traffic Type: Mixed. Traffic Quality: High

4. Earned Media

4.1. Influencers

4.1.1. Drive traffic to landing pages via social, email, or owned content from influencers. Traffic type: Referral, Warm. Traffic Quality: This traffic should be high in quality, but we just don't see the numbers for value to register. This (along with state parties) definitely offer opportunities.

4.2. Media Placements

4.2.1. Drive traffic through anchor links. Traffic Type: Referral, Warm. Traffic Quality: Low (we get very little traffic this way, only two articles have had any conversions.

4.2.2. Drive traffic through search after reading article. Very difficult to measure quality of this traffic or conversion rate with current technology. Traffic Type: Referral, Warm. Traffic Quality: Unknown

4.3. Bylined Articles

4.4. Interviews

4.5. Partners

4.5.1. Referral from partners, specifically state parties converts at a high rate. This is especially true for parties like CA that have very well developed landing pages and programs to promote us and our partnership. Traffic Type: Referral, Warm. Traffic Quality: High