Interdependence of Bees

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Interdependence of Bees by Mind Map: Interdependence of Bees

1. Social Studies

1.1. goods: bees produce honey

1.2. services: bee keepers sell honey at markets

1.3. video on bee keepers

1.4. field trip

1.4.1. market

1.4.2. bee farm

2. ELA

2.1. art

2.1.1. classroom flower garden

2.2. music

2.2.1. how did "flight of the honeybee" get its name?

2.3. bee books

2.3.1. the bee tree

2.3.2. the big bee hunt

2.3.3. the honeybee man

2.3.4. little yellow bee

2.3.5. flight of the honeybee

2.3.6. unBEElievables

2.3.7. the very greedy bee

2.3.8. bees

2.3.9. the bee man

2.3.10. these bees count

2.4. I wonder chart

2.5. science journal

2.6. poster about save the bees

3. Science

3.1. create a class bee farm

3.2. what do bees and flowers need to survive

3.2.1. create dance to explain polination

3.2.2. create diagram for the parts of the body for bees

3.3. grow a garden

3.4. honey experiment (5 senses)

3.4.1. health

4. Math

4.1. real world problems to find sums and differences with bees

4.1.1. add/subtract with bees

4.2. sort different types of flowers

4.3. flower patterns

4.4. measure growth of flowers

4.5. learn geometry with honeycombs