Writing within ELA

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Writing within ELA by Mind Map: Writing within ELA

1. Writing in ELA does not often emphasize problem solving and inquiry OR engage students

2. A huge part of writing in ELA is to prepare for high-stakes test (Studies show that the teaching rarely effects the scores)

2.1. SATS

2.2. ACTs

2.3. GREs

3. Focusing on Context,Purpose, and Audience better prepares them

4. Exemplary Practices:

4.1. Peer feedback

4.2. Organizing your thoughts prior to writing

4.3. Giving students wide varieties of genres and types of writing

4.4. Avoid formulaic writing- example is 5 paragraph essay

5. Question Time!

5.1. WHY are teachers still teaching these generic styles of writing instead of being creative and following all of this information?

5.1.1. My answer: Because they are either too afraid of branching out, or they are more focused on the CCSS standards