ATL and School Culture

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ATL and School Culture by Mind Map: ATL and School Culture

1. PYP and MYP through the continuum using Service as action in the pre-DP years to develop ATL

1.1. CAS continues on from SA in the early years

1.1.1. International Mindedness

1.1.2. Community Service

2. Academic Rigour

2.1. Thinking skills

2.1.1. Learning how to learn

2.1.2. Critical Thinking

2.1.3. Thinking out of the box

2.1.4. Risk Taking

3. Becoming Socially adept

3.1. communication skills

3.2. Debating

3.3. Socratic Seminars

3.4. Flipped Classroom

4. Inquiry

4.1. Scientific Investigations

4.1.1. Science Seminars Historical Timelines

5. Self Management Skills

5.1. Organization

5.1.1. Meeting Deadlines

6. Research Skills

6.1. Academic Honesty

6.1.1. Integrity