Rachel Fisher- A Biography

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Rachel Fisher- A Biography by Mind Map: Rachel Fisher- A Biography

1. Childhood

1.1. Loving Home

1.1.1. Two Sisters Great Friends Making friends has always been something that has come naturally for me, so growing up I had many great friendships I am very thankful for! One friendship that has stood the test of time is our family friends, the Harts. My family met them before my little sister was even born, and they remain our best friends to this day! The Harts and many more helped me grow as an individual, and helped me see how much I wanted to be a teacher, because I love people so much!

1.1.2. I have two sisters, one older (21) and one younger (16).

1.1.3. Growing up with sisters who doubled as best friends was amazing.

1.1.4. We would always create fun games, and have a blast together.

1.1.5. Now, my older sister lives in California and works at Disneyland, and my younger sister is a sophomore in High School.

1.1.6. Even though we are in 3 different places, we are still closer than ever.

1.2. I was blessed to grow up in s two parent household.

1.3. My parents loved me unconditionally, and never let me forget it.

1.4. Having such a good relationship with my parents is one reason why I want to be a teacher. In case students have a tough home life, they will have a loving school life.

2. Education

2.1. Home Schooled

2.1.1. Private VS Public UCF I've known UCF was the school for me since 8th grade. I am an Elementary Education major and plan on graduating in 2021. I am currently in my second year, Go Knights!

2.1.2. In 2005, my mom decided she wanted to go back to work. She got a job at a private school called VLA.

2.1.3. I went there for 2nd and 3rd grade, along with my two sisters.

2.1.4. We loved VLA, but my mom decided she wanted to work in public schools again, so we went public.

2.1.5. I finished out my school career in public schools.

2.1.6. I prefer Public schools to Private schools because in Public schools you are able to be more of an individual.

2.1.7. I also prefer Public schools because they have a shorter school day!

2.2. I was home schooled by my mother until 2nd grade.

2.3. It helped me develop a love for learning.

2.4. I got to spend so much time with my mother growing up, and it has proven to be very beneficial today.

3. Career Goals

3.1. Current Job

3.1.1. Future Job Retirement I am hoping to retire early, by the age of 55, so I can watch my grand kids grow up! I plan on moving up north for the duration of my teaching career, and moving back to sunny Florida for retirement! Retirement should be relaxing, but I am most excited for my career that is ahead!

3.1.2. My dream is to become a 5th grade teacher.

3.1.3. I plan on achieving my goal by 2022.

3.1.4. One reason I want to teach 5th grade is because I think their minds are very easy to mold at this age!

3.1.5. Another reason is because my 5th grade teacher had such an impact on my life, I want to do the same for my students.

3.2. I am currently a Pre-School teacher at Ladybird Academy.

3.3. I teach 3 year olds and I love every second of it.

3.4. One thing I've learned from teaching here is that 3 year olds are a lot brighter and smarter than I ever thought!

3.5. Working here is great preparation for my future job in Elementary Education.