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1. Inner Assessment

2. Social Skills

3. Critical Thinking

4. Gross Motor

5. Fine Motor

6. Feelings

7. Skills

8. Knowledge

9. Habilities

10. Prior Knowledge

11. Do I have a clear Standard about what I want to teach?

12. Did the student meet the standards?

13. How was her/his learning process... did he/she strruggle in it?

14. Is the student conscious about the problem?

15. Could the student generate ideas to solve the problem?

16. Was the teacher able to guide the student in the proper way?

17. How can I change the teaching process to make it more efective and meaningful?

18. What did the student know about the topic and how can I helphim/her to go deeper?

19. Did I use different tools to assesst their growth?

20. Was I able to make postivie changes in their environment with the new learning?