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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. Testing

1.1. Restrictive

1.2. Inaccurate

1.2.1. Students having test anxiety or other issues while testing.

1.3. Standardized

1.3.1. doesn't allow everyone to preform well and succeed

2. Results

2.1. Not always accurate

2.2. Skewed

2.3. Drives most of the learning, in a negative way

2.4. Pressure

3. Structure

3.1. Rigid

3.2. Expectations set in place

3.3. Immovable

3.4. Limited to whatever the books say

4. Progress

4.1. Inaccurate

4.2. hard to always see immediately

4.3. Unsubstainable

4.3.1. The progress is lost once the assessment has been given

5. Fear

5.1. Failing

5.2. I'm doing something wrong

5.3. Sets un-do pressure on teacher and students to adhere to the "standard"

5.4. I'm going to fail/get blamed for this