Speech Delivery

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Speech Delivery by Mind Map: Speech Delivery

1. Use attention getters

1.1. Attention getters are such an important part of a presentation.

1.2. a statement that anecdote and narrative a statistical quotation or something humorous perhaps to start off with your speech presentation.

1.3. A lot of people wants to use humor when getting peoples attention.

1.4. quotes will get attention too.

2. How to organize presentations

2.1. " Organizational Pattern "


2.3. BODY : Have not more than 5 main points , keep it to three. Organize those main points so that you have sub points as your support. Do that in a logical way so that audience may follow easily.

2.4. End with the conclusion. First restate what you told them, restate your purpose statement then finally end it with a bang!

3. Use a speaking outline

3.1. Don't ever memorize a speech

3.2. Why? because you sound more monotonous, you sound like a robot. Also your eye contact and gestures aren't as genuine.

3.3. Instead use a speaking outline, use bullet points and very large texts in the main points your gonna use in your presentation. Have the speech delivered naturally.

4. Tips before you deliver a speech

5. Do the penguin

5.1. Nervous? Do the penguin.

5.2. Push your shoulders up to your ears and hold it for about 10 sec, and after 10-15 sec take a deep breath, let those shoulders go and then now you have the perfect posture.

5.3. You will now have a better projection and you will feel less nervous.

6. What is a Good Speaker?

6.1. Step outside of that good speaker box.

6.2. Do eye contact and gestures and change your paralanguage. The confidence and your ability to do that is more important.

6.3. Take your strengths and put it in as you are as a speaker and take yourself out of the box.

7. Effective Preview Statements

7.1. " The Three Tells"

7.2. You wanna tell people what your gonna tell them, tell them, and tell them what you told them.

7.3. With the three tells you wanna make sure you preview what you're gonna tell them, tell them to deliver that in your main body with some force and some great information.

7.4. and then tell them again at the end in the conclusion to make sure that those statements, your points are memorable.

8. Avoid Powerless Language

8.1. Hedges and Tag questions

8.2. Avoid Hedges : not getting to your point effectively. "well", "maybe"," I think". Avoid using this words and get to your point straight.

8.3. Get rid of those tag questions at the end. Be confident on your message and don't tag on those questions at the end. State your message in a powerful way.

9. Monroe's Motivated Sequence

9.1. Get the audiences attention.

9.2. establish the need in your audience.

9.3. satisfy the need of the audiences.

9.4. move on to visualization.

9.5. last step is to call the action.

10. Introductions and Conclusions

10.1. beginning and the ending of the organizational pattern.

10.2. you want a speech that comes full circle.

10.3. its best if the attention getter you deliver in your introduction can tie back in later to the conclusion, therefore they will think that the conclusion is what you did deliver in your whole presentation.