5th Grade Social Studies

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5th Grade Social Studies by Mind Map: 5th Grade Social Studies

1. Exploration

1.1. Christopher Columbus

1.1.1. Tried sailing West to find a route to Asia. Landed in the Bahamas.

1.2. Vocabulary

1.2.1. Economy: the way in which natural resources and workers are used to produce goods and services

1.2.2. Conquistador: Spanish conqueror of America in the 1500s

1.2.3. Northwest passage: a water route from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean through the arctic islands of Canada

1.2.4. Cartographer: a person who makes maps

1.2.5. Empire: The lands and peoples ruled by a powerful ruler or group

1.2.6. Crusade: a Christian expedition to take the Holy Land from Muslims

1.3. Henry the Navigator

1.3.1. opened school for students to learn to sail a ship. Taught Christopher Columbus

1.4. Amerigo Vespucci

1.4.1. Actually discovered America. America is named after him.

1.5. Spanish Conquerors

2. Native Americans

2.1. Migration: to move from one place to another

2.2. Nomad: a person who moves from place to place; a person who migrates

2.3. Environment: the physical setting of a place, including everything that affects the way people live there: the land, air, water, plants, animals

2.4. Culture: the ideas, values, tools, skills, arts, and way of life of a certain people

2.5. Mesa: A flat-topped hill or small plateau with steep sides

2.6. Long house: a large house built by Native Americans in which a number of families lived.

2.6.1. Iroquios

3. US History

3.1. Pilgrims

3.2. Colonies

3.3. Religious Freedom

3.4. Founding Fathers