The Digestive System

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The Digestive System by Mind Map: The Digestive System

1. Introduction

1.1. materials: Computer, Video, books from bibliography section

1.2. Strategies: KWL, Brainstorming

2. Concept 1 Types

2.1. Mechanical

2.2. Chemical

2.2.1. Strategy Hands on Experiment cause and effect Evalution: Observation sheet on excel

2.3. Materials: The Science of the Digestive System by Spilsbury, YouTube Video (link in procedure)

3. Concept 3 Physiology

3.1. Materials: Science of the Digestive System by Spilsbury

3.1.1. Strategy: Create Poem/Song Evaluation: Rubric

3.2. Youtube Video (link in procedure)

4. Concept 5 Maintaining Health

4.1. Materials: The Digestion Health Solution, Brown, YouTube video(link in procedure)

4.1.1. Strategy: group collaboration. persuasive speech and writing, brainstorming Create Power Point Evaluation: Rubric for Presentation

5. Concept 4 Disorders/Issues

5.1. Materials: The Digestive Health, by Brown,YouTube Video (link in procedure)

5.1.1. Strategy: Creative Writing and Tea Party Technique. Create and share brochures Evaluation: rubric for brochure

6. Concept 2 Anatomy

6.1. Materials: Book: The Digestive System, Gray and Digestive System, Kenny

6.1.1. Strategy: Creative Writing Evaluation: rubric

6.2. Materials: computer, internet

6.2.1. activity: interactive game

7. Culminating Activity

7.1. Materials: notebooks, markers, paper

7.1.1. Strategy: Word Wall