Moritz Helmstaedter

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Moritz Helmstaedter by Mind Map: Moritz Helmstaedter

1. Legend

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1.4. Live Mind Mapping provided by Dan Taylor

2. Brain Mapping

2.1. not mind mapping

2.1.1. that's MindMeister! :)

3. Newton

3.1. taught us about how an apple flies

3.2. doesn't tell us about the flight of an electron

3.2.1. quantum mechanics

4. The Brain

4.1. watch the brain activate through stimuli

4.2. But we must look in much more detail to discover how the brain works

4.3. 70 billion nerve cells

4.3.1. it can't be just the number of cells

4.3.2. approx. 1000 neighbours synapes

4.4. Nerve cells are tricky to follow

4.4.1. so small 50 nanometers at some points span distances of cm's 10M nanometers

5. How we map the brain now

5.1. part of brain

5.2. studied under electron microscope

5.2.1. slice by slice tissue is removed

5.2.2. HD resolution of brain tissue

5.3. Looking at the sensory cortex

6. Start mapping networks of the brain