Bernhard Drumel

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Bernhard Drumel by Mind Map: Bernhard Drumel

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2. a short introduction to an alternative model to capitalism

2.1. Greenpeace

2.1.1. How can we bring the issue of climate change to people?

2.2. Occupy Wallstreet

2.2.1. A non-violent way of challenging the system

2.3. Scrooge McDuck

2.3.1. He has strong human attitudes and needs

2.3.2. Stands for profit

2.4. Banks

2.4.1. They will kill themselves before they help someone else

2.5. Money Rules

2.5.1. Money Serves

3. Perhaps we need to think about a new way of Darwinism

4. Project Democratic Bank

4.1. will get started beginning of 2013

4.2. people and companies can contribute

4.3. 403 companies

4.3.1. 100 pioneers who implement the Common Welfare Balance

4.4. 20 Energy fields

4.4.1. an audit process

4.4.2. Region working groups and public events

4.5. A political movement

4.5.1. press conferences in 4 countries on October 6th

5. A common welfare balance

5.1. Asking companies to do a welfare balance

5.2. Developed by company owners

5.2.1. 4 different countries