Alexander Oswald

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Alexander Oswald by Mind Map: Alexander Oswald

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2. Why Kenyans do it better?

2.1. or we should re-think our mobile solutions

2.2. a safari trip to Kenya

2.3. Driver receives an SMS and is immediately excited

2.3.1. SMS from the school

2.3.2. Daughter has done well on an exam

2.3.3. Father knows when his daughter doesn't attend school Are westerners really doing it well?

3. On average

3.1. 40% of phones sold in Austria are smartphones

3.1.1. As an app builder, you're only reaching 40% of the market

3.1.2. iPhone users are 20% of this 40% lost share

3.2. 28% of people who download an app...never open it

4. Top 10 richest countries in the world

4.1. Have the problem of having too many resources

4.2. In 10 years, we might have to go to Kenya to ask them to consult on mobile solutions

5. Mobile payment is the next big thing

5.1. or so say the western markets

5.2. 14,000,000 mobile payers in Kenya

5.2.1. done with text messages

5.2.2. M-Pesa Agent Mobile Money An sms/Western Union hybrid

5.2.3. Hospital bills can be paid with M-Pesa

5.2.4. MyOrder allows shop owners to receive and prepare orders Walk in, walk out Pre-paid with M-Pesa

5.3. M-Farm

5.3.1. using mobiles farmers can learn where their crops are needed allows for group buying