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Alexander Oswald by Mind Map: Alexander Oswald
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Alexander Oswald

Alexander Oswald is a Senior Marketing Manager with 13 years Management experience in telecommunication and consumer electronics industry. He has worked for global brands in fast changing business environments, whilst having a focus on Central & South East Europe. At the present time he is Head of Marketing at Nokia, covering several countries, including Switzerland, Cyprus, Israel and of course Austria. Adding to his durable career path, Alexander is also co-author of the first handbook for mobile marketing and mobile campaigns in German language, “Mobile Marketing”.


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Live Mind Mapping provided by Dan Taylor

Why Kenyans do it better?

or we should re-think our mobile solutions

a safari trip to Kenya

Driver receives an SMS and is immediately excited

On average

40% of phones sold in Austria are smartphones

28% of people who download an app...never open it

Top 10 richest countries in the world

Have the problem of having too many resources

In 10 years, we might have to go to Kenya to ask them to consult on mobile solutions

Mobile payment is the next big thing

or so say the western markets

14,000,000 mobile payers in Kenya