Albin Kurti

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Albin Kurti by Mind Map: Albin Kurti

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2. Movement for self determination

2.1. 3rd largest movement in Kosovo

3. There is life on mars

3.1. UN security counsel lives on mars

3.2. They must be far and above all the others

3.2.1. to see all the others

3.3. One can not see what is so obvious from earth

4. The civilized have culture that can be given

4.1. National capital

4.1.1. colonizers

4.2. Multinational capital

4.2.1. International Protectorates

5. Peace is no science

5.1. Peace is no art

5.2. it is a product

5.2.1. it is an industry

5.3. Peace is not something you do once

5.3.1. or once in a lifetime

5.3.2. it is an ongoing process

6. One day more with peace is one more day without war

7. Conflict management, not conflict resolution

7.1. prevention of an explosion of crisises

7.2. not to resolve a crisis, but to prevent an erruption

7.3. Stability is a very expensive thing

7.3.1. Money for nothing Locals are paid to remain passive

8. Rule of law

8.1. those that are above it

8.2. those that aren't

8.3. Tolerating local corruption

8.3.1. 6 digit local

8.3.2. 7 digit local and international cooperation

8.3.3. 8 digit full international

8.4. international protectorates ends up protecting elites from the people and not the other way round.

9. Advertising campaigns, instead of protests and demonstrations

9.1. Civil society killing society

10. Kosovo

10.1. is Calm, but tense

11. No people, only ethnicities

11.1. do not start with the differences between us