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Klaus Stadlmann by Mind Map: Klaus Stadlmann
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Klaus Stadlmann

Klaus majored 2008 in industrial engineering at the TU Vienna. His degree thesis: “the development of an orthosis used in the supporting and measuring of a torque path of the ankle during rehabilitation” received special honors. At the moment he is finishing his pre-doc in technical sciences at Vienna’s Technical University’s Institute of Material Sciences and Technologies. Under the supervision of Prof. Stampfl he is involved in a working group concerned with the manufacturing of optical fibers.

daily work

Complex Laser System

Complex optimal setup

Making objects the size of a dust particle


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Print Different

It takes more than a car to stop me from talking to you

The 3D micro printer

The Laser system was broken

time to think

a few months later first prototype was ready

objects are created one slice at a time

hearing aids

Start printing whatever you want, whatever you need