Klaus Stadlmann

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Klaus Stadlmann by Mind Map: Klaus Stadlmann

1. daily work

1.1. Complex Laser System

1.1.1. Femtosecond Laser

1.2. Complex optimal setup

1.2.1. Agathe 200 nanometers

1.3. Making objects the size of a dust particle

2. Legend

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2.4. Live Mind Mapping provided by Dan Taylor

3. Print Different

3.1. It takes more than a car to stop me from talking to you

4. The 3D micro printer

4.1. The Laser system was broken

4.1.1. I couldn't fix something myself

4.2. time to think

4.2.1. a week later: the world's smallest 3D printer idea was born

4.3. a few months later first prototype was ready

4.3.1. same resolution as printers that cost 60,000 EU

4.3.2. we spent about 1000 EU

4.4. objects are created one slice at a time

4.5. hearing aids

4.5.1. individually produced per person

4.5.2. ear scanned and then send to Germany *laughs*

4.5.3. stores can now scan your ear press print go for a coffee instead of 5 days, you can now have it in one day

4.6. Start printing whatever you want, whatever you need