Anitra Eggler

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Anitra Eggler by Mind Map: Anitra Eggler

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2. Do you remember your first email?

2.1. the silver bullet of our communication - in the 90's

2.2. billions of emails later...things look quite different

3. 24/7 work conditioning

3.1. thought of it as a competitive advantage

3.2. ruining my productivity

3.3. too much, meaningless online communication

3.4. email - not quite a blessing

4. A Year from now you will wish you had started TODAY

4.1. There is nothing more to miss than

4.2. your life

4.3. Stay hungry

4.3.1. Stay foolish

5. Are you in control of your emails?

5.1. or are they controlling you?

5.2. I mail therefor I am

5.2.1. a slave

5.3. Start your day offline

5.3.1. the first hour of your day should be spent on planning

5.3.2. do not facebook on the toilet do not email in bed

5.4. Shut the mail up!

5.4.1. stop automatic email downloading

5.5. Three times a day keeps the doctor away

5.5.1. define 3 times/day to check email

5.6. Those who sow mails, thy will harvest

5.6.1. send 30% less emails, receive 30% less

5.7. Do the wimp test

5.7.1. would i like to receive what I'm about to send

5.8. Launch your mailshit radar

5.8.1. needless email= Your email was as senseless as war is

6. 7 evil facts

6.1. We pay more attention to our cell phones than our kids

6.2. We spend more time emailing than thinking

6.2.1. do you get paid for email or thinking?

6.3. We are distracted 24/7

6.4. Emails make you stupid

6.5. Emails make you sick

6.5.1. ADT attention deficit trait

6.5.2. more than 50% of managers suffer from ADT

6.6. Emails cause labor interruptus

6.6.1. Knowledge workers are interrupted every 11 minutes factor #1? email

6.7. 1h/day=25,000 EU/year