Jörg Hofstätter

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Jörg Hofstätter by Mind Map: Jörg Hofstätter

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2. Video games, a powerful tool for learning

2.1. Plato

2.1.1. writing has a negative impact on the brain we tend to forget things

2.2. Every form of new media had a rocky start

2.2.1. including video games

2.2.2. recognition for books is much higher than for video games

2.3. The video game industry is larger than the film industry

2.4. 10,000 hours playing video games

2.4.1. 5,000 hours reading

3. Games are the new books

3.1. one area where they have trouble catching on

3.1.1. In the classroom we think that we can increase productivity but pushing more and more content at students Kids are playing enough at home, why should they play in the classroom It's increasingly hard to get the attention of kids

3.1.2. a huge difference between entertainment games and learning games

4. Games are not a substitute for books

4.1. they serve different purposes

5. ..and Teachers are key

6. Ludwig

6.1. a physics game based on the topic of renewable energy

6.2. Showing trailer

6.2.1. wow! playludwig.com

6.3. A game made not for, but together with students and teachers

6.3.1. better to play a game at school/ at home?

6.3.2. Can I learn by playing games? Can a physics game increase my total overall interest in science/physics

6.4. Learning Objective=Gaming Objective

6.5. Game mechanics used to spur players on and create an educational competition

6.5.1. also provides plenty of online resources for students to dig deeper

6.6. 5,000 downloads

6.6.1. only in Austria

6.6.2. keep coming every day