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Robert Misik by Mind Map: Robert Misik
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Robert Misik

Robert Misik is an Austrian journalist and political author, living and working in Vienna. He writes on a regular basis for the German Taz, as well as for the Austrian periodicals Profil and Falter. Furthermore, Mr. Misik runs a Vlog on the website of the Austrian daily “Der Standard” and is a successful non-fiction author, with bestsellers like “Genial dagegen”. His views are trending to the left, towards social democratic theses, and he is often outspoken against neo-liberalism. 2010, Robert Misik was awarded the “Journalist of the Year” prize in the online category, a distinction of the periodical “The Austrian Journalist”.


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Live Mind Mapping provided by Dan Taylor

Progressive in the 21st century?

I don't want to talk about Occupy Wallstreet

Many people share the mood

Capitalism itself

IS the problem

the system is unfair

consumer society leaves everything to the commodity

Makes our TV programs worse

On the other hand...

everyone knows that capitalism has won


post war social democrats in Europe

it's possible to change a not-good-enough system to a better system

Citizens have it in their hands to make a better society

Also a mentality

MLK didn't say

The domino effect

there is a positive effect

more stable economic development

a society that shares it's prosperity with it's people functions better as a whole

The trickle down effect is the brother to Yeti (Bigfoot)

Prosperity for everyone

stimulates the economy

If all people live in materially secure postions

If citizens feel that things aren't fair

being underprivileged is hereditary

Some of the problems we see in south Europe

is a result of wage dumping in Germany and Austria

The top 1% of wage earners

consume 20% of all wages

People are no cash machines

Economic fairness triggers a series of win/win effects

An economy is dynamic

Western societies show that capitalism is evil

things aren't that simple

the market economy can be made more just

Good Capitalism