Robert Misik

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Robert Misik by Mind Map: Robert Misik

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2. Progressive in the 21st century?

2.1. I don't want to talk about Occupy Wallstreet

2.2. Many people share the mood

2.2.1. we know what we are against, but not what we are in favor of

3. Capitalism itself

3.1. IS the problem

3.2. the system is unfair

3.3. consumer society leaves everything to the commodity

3.4. Makes our TV programs worse

4. On the other hand...

4.1. everyone knows that capitalism has won

5. Progressives

5.1. post war social democrats in Europe

5.2. it's possible to change a not-good-enough system to a better system

5.3. Citizens have it in their hands to make a better society

5.4. Also a mentality

5.4.1. optimism

5.5. MLK didn't say

5.5.1. I have a nightmare

5.5.2. He said I have a dream!

6. The domino effect

6.1. there is a positive effect

6.2. more stable economic development

6.3. a society that shares it's prosperity with it's people functions better as a whole

7. The trickle down effect is the brother to Yeti (Bigfoot)

8. Prosperity for everyone

8.1. stimulates the economy

8.2. If all people live in materially secure postions

8.2.1. all can contribute to overall prosperity

8.3. If citizens feel that things aren't fair

8.3.1. they engage less

8.4. being underprivileged is hereditary

8.4.1. a waste, they can not contribute

9. Some of the problems we see in south Europe

9.1. is a result of wage dumping in Germany and Austria

10. The top 1% of wage earners

10.1. consume 20% of all wages

11. People are no cash machines

11.1. Economic fairness triggers a series of win/win effects

11.2. An economy is dynamic

12. Western societies show that capitalism is evil

12.1. things aren't that simple

12.2. the market economy can be made more just

12.3. Good Capitalism