Karim El-Gawhary

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Karim El-Gawhary by Mind Map: Karim El-Gawhary

1. Kaddafi is dead

1.1. should I go to tunisia (as scheduled) or head to libya?

2. First free and open elections in Tunisia

2.1. major media is more focused on the past (Kaddafi)

2.2. Free, fair and transparent elections

3. Yemen and Syria

3.1. the revolution is in full swing

4. The interesting things are those that happen to the left and the right of what the media is reporting

4.1. The new Arab world is created between Tunesia and the Suez Canal.

5. If you can get the critical mass on the street, no regime in the world can ignore it

5.1. accountability

5.1.1. Corruption

5.1.2. Egypt was parked in the garage for 30 years

5.2. this fight in the arab world is far from over

5.2.1. arabs are still very busy

5.3. Getting rid of a dictator is the starting point of a process , not the end of a process.

5.4. arab spring is like football game. Had a goal, but we have stil 82 minutes ahead of us.

6. You can't get rig of a regime with "I Like"

6.1. How do we translate this power to the streets?

6.2. The effect of social media is overrated

6.3. The main effect was through television

6.3.1. In the middle of the uprising in Egypt a doctor told his own story i don't care about politics my life was between home and the hospital His daughter told him that she must participate in the revolution a few days later the same son that tried to convince his sister not to go - joined the group Doctor receives phonecall from daughter and said we need doctors help, please come He received a 13 year old boy that was beaten The boy said, I don't have time - i have to defend OUR square The doctor broke down and could no longer talk "And I saw this 13 year old one more time" He was shot in the head The following tuesday there were over 1 million people on the square

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